Dear Halo Top,

My life is so much brighter since I was introduced to you. At first, I was skeptical of your perfect reputation. I had heard so many good things, but I thought there was no possible way that all of it could be true. How could a pint of vanilla bean, lemon cake, or mint chip ice cream be only 240 calories? How could equally delicious flavors, like chocolate almond crunch, oatmeal cookie, chocolate mocha chip, strawberry, s'mores, or cookies and cream be less than 400 calories per pint? What's your secret?!?

As the world knows, ice cream is essential for happiness. Usually when you have low-calorie, low-fat ice cream, you'd expect the taste to be light and ice-y rather than creamy. But lucky for me, your ice cream is different. Every Halo Top flavor that I've had is mouth-watering, sweet, and refreshing. Why would I want to have two or three scoops of a high-calorie ice cream when I could have half a pint, or even a full pint, of your ice cream for less calories?

Because of you, I am not depriving my sweet tooth. I look for ice cream a few times a week, especially now that the summer season is quickly approaching. I feel so much better about my food choices knowing that my ice cream isn't primarily filled with sugar, but instead with organic, high-protein ingredients such milk and cream, milk protein concentrate, organic cane sugar, natural flavors, and sea salt.

Thank you for always being there for me, through good times and bad. Whether I have a rough day at school or work, or I earn a perfect score on my English paper, I know that I have you to turn to.

My freezer, like my heart, is incomplete without you. I love you, Halo Top, I really do.

Love always,

Your not so secret admirer