I thought I had it all figured out. I thought I knew all there was to know when it came to Halloween. I thought that I knew how the weekend would go. I thought I was prepared for what my first Halloween away from home had in store for me...

The Duration of Halloween

In high school: You dress up in your cute little outfit on the evening of October 31st and (if you were me) handed out candy at the front door until maybe 10pm. If you were a bit more on the wild side than I, perhaps you went to a small party on the night of Halloween.

In college: Halloween lasts a few days...and nights...mostly nights. It's a weekend-long event.

Festive Treats

In high school: Everyone eats wayyy too much cheap candy.

In college: Everyone drinks wayyy too much cheap *chocolate milk*

Before the Party

In high school: You get all costume-ed up and wave goodbye to your parents (assuming they don't drive you) near 6pm.

In college: You curl your friend's hair, she comes at your shirt with a pair of scissors, you order Jimmy Johns with your friends, and leave around 10pm with a backpack.

The Next Morning

In high school: You relax the next day and enjoy eating candy and possibly watching a scary movie.

In college: First, you struggle to find your socks and other items that were strewn across the room as you hurriedly dodged other peoples' parents that are (oh so conveniently) in town for parent's weekend while making your way back to the dorms. (Assuming you made it back before dawn.) Then, you order Jimmy Johns (again) while staying in a dark, quiet room and work to gain back enough strength to go out the next night as well. The morning after that, you try to find the will to study for your Monday morning exam.