"The Little Mermaid" is a classic Disney movie. When Ariel emerges to discover her experience as a human being. The songs in the movie are beautiful and fun, and it's one of a kind. Now, there will be a live action movie of "The Little Mermaid!" Recreating classic into a live action movie takes a step to realize the creativity of Disney and the actors who are in it. As the movie comes together, Halle Bailey has agreed to play Ariel in this live action movie, and there is nothing but backlash due to the circumstances of ignorance.

Every time you go through your social media, and Halle Bailey's takes on the part to play Ariel, you see angry faces and mean comments. It gets worse as you see people creating an unnecessary mess on social media. For instance, as I went through Facebook, I saw someone signing a petition to cast out Halle Bailey as the role of Ariel.

The worse I saw was a Facebook page, that states, "Make Ariel White Again." The posts on that page state, "Can she even get her hair wet?" "Does it make sense to have a race of people who can't swim represent a mermaid?" The worst I saw was a picture of a black girl with big lips and teeth, and a watermelon that has the title of the movie, as a representation of the stereotypes of African Americans. The big issue was that this page was created and meant for Christians.

To everyone who believes that she shouldn't play this role because of the color of her skin, you are truly ignorant. Sorry, not sorry. One thing we do not have in the African American community is enough representation of entertainment. And before you say, "You guys have Black Panther!" And all the other African American influences, please spare me the drama.

If I had a daughter who had trouble with self-identity, I would tell her to look at this movie. Not because she would believe in mermaids, but because she would realize that she can do anything besides the ignorance in our community. I would teach her to be unapologetic to the color of her skin and to go beyond the distance.

When someone recreates something, they repeat it but make it their own. They would take a character to be done respectfully n and properly. To the people who have Facebook pages and petitions that want to "Make Ariel White Again," ask yourself this question. "Is Disney really going to listen to ignorance and hate?"

Disney is a company that shows diversity, and that diversity shows the true meaning of magic. Magic to set aside all differences and give people what they've never seen before. That's what magic is. To the people who are against racism, I have a challenge for you. If you see anything that says, "Make Ariel White Again," or something that attacks who you are as a human being. BLOCK AND REPORT THEM! Show hem that you are stronger than you thought you were and that you will not be silent to ignorance.

Hallie Bailey, I am proud of you fighting for yourself. You took this role as an opportunity to open little black girls' eyes to teaching them that they can be anything they want to be. Play this role with grace and beauty, by being yourself.