Do you want to know what a hair drug test is? It’s a drug test that evaluates whether you have taken drugs or not from your hair. Don’t worry;this articles expalins this in more detail.

Significance of Hair Drug Test

Hair Drug Tests are much older than you think. When you ingest drugs, it goes to the hair follicle, and then strands. They remain there for a long time. Human hair on average grows half an inch every month. To sum that up, if your hair is 20 inches long, and you test the end of strands, then you can find drugs consumed 2 years ago. 


Usually, the human head grows half an inch hair every month. Hair test detects drug use between 5-90 days’ time window from the collection. But with every human having a unique distinction, the time frame is adjustable for efficient results.

Drugs Detected

A hair drug test detects the following drugs:

· Marijuana

· Cocaine

· Phencyclidine

· Opiates

· Amphetamines

Some advanced tests can help to identify prescription drug abuse.

Body Hair or Head Hear

Body hair growth is very slow, and they have a distance-time frame as compared to head hair. Body hair can be used when someone shaves off their head. But as body hair grows at a diverse rate as compared to the head, it's hard to find the right growth period. 

Is it Possible to Beat these Tests?

No, Hair test is popular because they are very hard to beat. It’s borderline impossible to manipulate your hair to pass a hair drug test. Various techniques promise to help subjects, these techniques include chemical products, dye, bleach, shampoos, etc., but they don’t help.

Common Tricks People Use

There are a few things people do to past these tests; these are described as following:

· Shaving Off their Head and Body

· Using Detox Shampoos

· Stop Using Drugs

Many test subjects have claimed to have passed the test with the use of commercial products. The authenticity of this claim is unknown, and there is a few highly expensive product that may give hope for passing a test. However, they have side effects, and the subject may not get desired results.

Issues with Hair Drug

There are a few issues with Hair Drug Test, most of them are related to the color of hair. Light colored hair proves to be less susceptible to a positive result. On the contrary, dark colored hair easily attract contaminants and have a greater chance of false positive. Many laboratories dismiss this claim, but the contaminant issue is an unfortunate truth. 

Hair Test for Bald People

Most people treat this as a joke, but the solution to this problem is very simple. In fact, It has been addressed above. If someone has shaved their head hair, the physicians can use their body hair for a proper test. It offers to validate results. Still it won’t be as efficient as head hair but its passable. So if you don’t have any hair on your head, it doesn’t mean you won’t get a drug test.