YouTube has a lot of perfect channels and figures, except for the ones that do daily, insulting vlogs in a forest and has a brother who makes a song about selling 'merch'. In a world of various channels having millions of followers, we must turn to our most dedicated hero to providing unique content. Its' name: h3h3productions. Founded by married couple Ethan and Hila Klein, it has become a recognizable channel on YouTube.

Let us take a look at how Ethan Klein is our spirit animal during the last few weeks of school, shall we? *insert cough cringe*

1. When your professor adds a five-page paper assignment due the week before finals

2. Having as much fun as you can before the last few weeks absorb your soul

3. When you're already looking ahead to summer

4. "I'm sorry, there are no extra credit assignments that can help increase your grade in the course"

5. When you feel like all hope is lost before gearing up for finals week

6. When you should be studying but instead face timing your friends doing this


8. Realizing that everything is alright and you actually only have one final...

9. ...only to realize you were actually daydreaming during class and actually have four finals

10. That moment when, as the pressure mounts, you got this and can only get stronger after this. #PapaBless

h3h3productions remains one of the funniest channels on YouTube, so the fact that there is a list of moments relating to college life. If not, just listen to Ethan's calm song he made for Hila back when they were dating:

(Youtube: Ethan & Hila)