Take The Gym Outside This Summer

Exercising is a big part of my daily routine and my schedule for the week. I dread skipping a day if I don't have to. If I even skip a walk with my dog I feel lazy and unmotivated the rest of the day. I always plan my time accordingly to three things: making sure I have time for the gym, time to finish my school work, and time attend class and my job with the usual shifts I pick up. Since it is summer time, I want to enjoy the warm weather while we have it, considering Michigan is highly unpredictable and it can change in a split second.

Recently, I have been trying some new things out. Instead of jogging on the track at the gym, I have been going around my neighborhood. What I found is that I got comfortable jogging with the same rhythm, no incline, and air-conditioning. I was not prepared for the dry heat and hills. My body was being worked out more than it would running a longer distance on the track. I thought I could enjoy the outdoors and workout at the same time, only what I have gotten used to is catching up with me. My body now has to adjust and work harder than it did before, and that is a great change.

Along with running, I cleaned my bike off from the dust in my garage. I naturally had to pump the tires up since I completely forgot I even had a bike to begin with. Instead of me just going to the gym and working on a stationary bike, I can set a course and let my legs do the work. If I'm proud of one body part, I would say it is my legs. It's weird, I know, but I appreciate the work they do everyday, and not to mention how they hold me up. They're definitely favorite body part. I was able to feel my legs pumping out distance, mile after mile. It is a great workout, and after an hour you will want to just lay down and rest.

Yes, yoga and meditation are a workout. You workout your body, so do the same with your brain and soul. Doing some yoga outside can help boost your mood, which can be even better than doing it in front of a group of people. Take some time to meditate, as well and clear your mind. A peaceful mind will set you up for a better day.

If you're a person who loves to lift weights and seems to just stay inside the gym, then I can help you too. You don't need weights specifically. You just need yourself and some motivation. Take a walk to the nearest elementary school, or a park with a playground. Use your body as weight and start using the monkey bars and pull up bars. As a discretion, this will not get you ripped, but it will make you feel less guilty about skipping the gym and enjoying the weather. That is the point I'm trying to make.

As long as you keep your body moving, you can turn a lot into a workout. You do not really need to go to the gym everyday. Sometimes, it is nice to go back to the place that is comfortable and predictable, but changing your workout shocks your body. It prevents it from getting comfortable and into a routine.

Let your body enjoy the summer without skipping the gym!

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