I Asked 21 Guys If They Had A List of Baby Names For Their Future Children And These Responses Will Make You 'Awh'

I Asked 21 Guys If They Had A List of Baby Names For Their Future Children And These Responses Will Make You 'Awh'

Who says that guys can't pick out a good name for their children?


It is a truth universally acknowledged that every girl has a list of baby names somewhere on them. Whether it's written on a piece of paper, in their journal, on their phone in the 'notes' section, or in their head, they have them. Of course, it changes from time to time, and some names get bumped off the list as times change, but the list always stays.

Since almost every girl on this earth has a list of future baby names, I wondered if guys had the same. So I asked 20 guys if they did. These were their responses:

1. "Oh yeah, I definitely got a list. Leonardo, Leo for short, Jay, Aslan, Obey (pronounced oh-bee), Astro, Malikai, Kirby, Stormy, Swayzee (Sway), Landon, Rhett Lee after Thomas Rhett, and then a weird one to throw in would be Charleine (pronounced char-lee). That way all the other names sound great compared to Charleine." – Age 20

2. "Only got one. Luke. After Star Wars.” – Age 21

3. “Yeah, I got some. Nixon, Maveric, Beau, Carter, Maisie, and Blakley.” – Age 23

4. “So for guys I like the name Derek, Tony and Kyle, for girls I like Rebecca, Skyler, and Kierra.” – Age 23

5. “I’ve never made a list of baby names lol. But I always joked with my mom I’d name my first daughter Mirage.” – Age 19

6. “I currently have a list of boy names (I want a girl really bad but I don’t know what I would want her name to be). My first son would be named Zion James. Zion as the place where God sought His refuge in God, and James was my grandfather’s name. My second son would be named Marvin Vincent. Marvin, because I love Marvin Gaye and Vincent is me and my father’s middle name.” – Age 22

7. “What?” – Age 16

8. “Autumn for a girl, August, and Ezra for boys.” – Age 21

9. “I personally don’t have a list of names because I’ve always thought it would be cool to name my kids when I see them when they’re born. But I also know that a lot of girls have lists they’ve compiled for years so my future wife’s list will probably be a lot better than my own.” – Age 20

10. “I would name my boy, Girl, and my girl, Boy.” – Age 20

11. “Autumn or Nova, depending on her being blonde or brunette. And if it were a boy probably George and Jack.” – Age 20

12. “I thought of Jay and Sierra. Those are nice.” – Age 22

13. “My last name would be changed to Bell and my first child’s name would be Taco. No middle name.” – Age 20

14. “For family reasons I have to do a first name that starts with and E and a middle name E....” – Age 21

15. "I picked out 2 girl names and 2 boy names with middle names already. Connor LeRoy and Jason Scott for boys. Madison Marie and Natalie Rayanne for girls!" – Age 21

16. "I want a boy so he can carry on his name but that’s the only name I care about." – 23

17. "I've had the name Rowdy picked out since I was 13." – Age 30

18. "I've had my children's names picked out since I was in high school. Charlotte for a girl & Ashton for a boy." – Age 23

19. "I like the names Eden, Paris, and Jon." – Age 20

20. "I love the name Olivia and Phillip (my late dad’s name)." – Age 26

21, "I have a list: Ilene (so she can say "I lean on the Lord," Kyree, Sweetbook, Malique, Isaiah, Kaleidoscope."

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6 Tips For Drinking Tea And Maximizing It's Capabilities

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Below are some of my favorite tea tips that I've learned or acquired. No matter how you drink it, I hope these tips will change your views on tea!

1. Caffeine is your best friend.

One of the main purposes of tea is its ability to suddenly wake you up, except without the coffee jitters. Drinking a heavily caffeinated tea, such as black or green, can boost your energy in the morning. Tea can be used for long-term energy boost because it doesn't provide the 'crash' that is associated with coffee drinking. Matcha green tea is known for its energy increase and ability to boost brain function!

2. It's okay to relax sometimes.

Just how some tea can give you energy, there is also some teas that can help calm you down after a long day. My go-to is chamomile tea, perfect for sleeping or an upset stomach. Lavender tea is another great way to unwind when you have been under a lot of stress.

3. Longer doesn't necessarily mean better.

Just because you leave the tea bag soaking for two hours doesn't guarantee that the tea will absorb a richer flavor. If anything, keeping the tea bag in the water makes the tea taste bitter. Ideally, anywhere between two and five minutes is the length that the teabag should sit in the water.

4. Tea bags VS loose tea leaves.

When I talk about hot tea, I am alluding to the tea bags sold at the grocery store. Some brands that I have had great experiences with are: Tazo, Celestio, Lipton, and Yogi! Another way to drink tea is the dry leaves and put them in a diffuser

5. Water temperature is key.

Having the perfect temperature of water is the foundation of good and hearty tea! I like to brew boiling water from a Keurig machine. This is the main way that I get hot water for my tea, but you can also microwave a mug or boil water on the stovetop.

6. Play around with the variety.

There are seriously endless possibilities for different types of tea! You can use two different tea bags to combine the flavors, such as ginger and turmeric. Or you can double the strength of a tea by adding more than one tea bag!

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