we need gun laws

The El Paso shooting that occurred at Walmart where families were eager to just shop and spend time with families turned into yet another travesty, with 22 people dead from a gunman. Why? Well, it seems like this is the world we live in today, where gun shootings continue to be the norm in society, and this 100% not be the case.

People now fear for their lives to go anywhere without knowing if they will be shot. Gun shootings have happened at the movies, schools, colleges, malls, concerts, now retail stores. So now what can we do and where can we go that is safe? Well, we can't go anywhere without the fear of being killed by guns, and it is a shame.

What is also a shame is that we keep letting this happen. We are let down by government officials who keep letting this injustice for those families who lose loved ones happens, when all they wanted to do was be able to live peacefully without knowing they were going to be fatally shot.

Government officials are letting us down they seem to keep putting blame on mental illness which can be a contributing factor. However, we all know that stricter gun laws need to be put in placed, but this does not seem to be a priority. In fact, America's priorities are screwed. The real issue can be lessened with strict gun laws, but it seems that guns are more important than those innocent lives taken which is simply sad and frustrating.

No matter how much training is taken in by workers and general individuals in society does not seem to stop the innocent lives taken by a gunman who has no actual good reason to shoot up a place; just is immorally wrong and no reason should justify a shootout.

Although they did not die, those injured and those who suffered being around the El Paso shooting have to suffer from the experiences and thoughts of enduring that scary time of surviving and protecting themselves from an evil human being with a gun.

Thoughts and prayers are not going to continue working; WE NEED ACTION. We need to have more care for the rights of a human being than if someone owns a gun. We need to understand that this situation will get worse without stricter gun laws.

We can't keep making this a normal thing, where a shoot out just seems like your everyday average event. It is not only wrong but a threat in society that should not even be happening. We have people waking up every day in fear of being shot, and this should not be a reality.

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