I have heard the argument time and time again that the gun control debate isn't about guns, it is about people. One thing that we need to realize overall is that the gun debate is about guns. Yes, there are people who are hurting and who need our love. However, we should be kind to those around us because we value kindness and sharing love with others, not because we fear that if we lack kindness, our school will be shot up.

I recently listened to a lecture that was pro-kindness. Obviously, in no way did I even remotely have a problem with this. I wish we were kinder. I really do. I am sick and tired of the petty drama that surrounds high school. The way in which teenagers interact with each other is often absolutely repulsive. The gossipy backstabbing that constantly goes on is something that I have personally been affected by time and time again.

In my high school career, I have been rejected, fooled, blindsided and gossiped about. Time and time again I have watched as everything around my high school career crashed and burned.

Yes, I have had hurt however I don't think any sort of turmoil excuses such behavior. This really is a gun problem. This is not a problem with humans. Yes, humans can be bad. They can be evil. There are individuals who only strive to hurt you and bring you down.

That being said, this is an issue about guns.

The people in the world who do strive to hurt others are given full access to act on those thoughts of violence.

Killing in America is way too easy.

Mass shootings are so rampant because it is so easy.

Should we love one another? Yes.

With all I have, I wish I could receive nothing but love and kindness for the rest of my life and I will strive to make this world a better place. I want to see kindness in the world. I want to see love. I want to see fair and equal treatment. I know I am not the best I can be. There are days where I am not nearly kind as I could be. I fail and I get angry. I feel like I have been treated incredibly unfairly in my life and I know I have treated others unfairly as well.