It's been a tough few weeks for high school students in Florida in the wake of one of the deadliest school shootings in our country. Yet, despite back and forth bantering and debates, our lawmakers have not vowed to address all demands with regards to gun policies. Some have even hinted at equipping teachers with the knowledge of how to protect students and themselves.

It's insane how we have laws that prohibit us from traveling with a certain volume of shampoo or even a sealed water bottle on a plane, while it seems that anyone these days can stroll up into a school and take hundreds of innocent lives without having to pass through a metal detector. Our priorities and fears as a nation really need to be reevaluated. What's even more horrendous is the fact that this 19-year-old was in possession of a weapon that was LEGALLY obtained. Once again, someone who can't even purchase alcohol legally has the capability to obtain a weapon. WHY is it that a teenager can even obtain a weapon?

Yes, according to the second amendment as citizens of America we have the right to bear arms. But this right should not cost anyone their child's life, or for that matter, it shouldn't be something that traumatizes our children and scares them away from a right to education. No one should be afraid to send their child to school because of such fears.

It's not just the guns. This issue should also be addressed in programs hosted at schools to educate students about seeking out help if something is troubling them; personal life, school life, etc. Because despite the back and forth debates and the possible removal of guns from the lives of kids, such programs would add towards much-needed progress. Every child should get the support that they require so no one resorts to violence to sort out their grievances.