A Guide To Becoming The Ulimate NYC Tourist

A Guide To Becoming The Ulimate NYC Tourist

How to be NYC's most notorious tourist.

Aside from the gorgeous skyscrapers, the never-ending night life, and pushing the envelope for weird, New York City is also known to be the tourist capital of the world. Every corner you turn, you'll see someone flash a camera or a family trying to figure out which way is downtown. Here's the guide that will help you become NYC's most notorious tourist.

1. I Love NYC merchandise.

It's by far the most cliché thing to wear. Everyone, including tourists, knows that it's just that thing that you look at and say, "Really?"

Nevertheless, it remains a popular hit within the NYC tourist culture.

2. The selfie stick.

The selfie stick has become a hit in tourist culture. You're not an NYC tourist until you have a selfie stick and proceed to obnoxiously stick your hand out in front of people to snap that quick picture of you and Madame Tussauds' Morgan Freeman wax figure.

3. Abercrombie & Fitch.

Abercrombie & Fitch, A.K.A a European tourist's wet dream, is by far the most cheap, popular, and "cool" fashion in the eyes of NYC tourists. If you aren't wearing a "A&F 1995 Crew Champions" t-shirt or ripped jeans with flip flops, you're not a tourist.

4. Tourist wall.

This is a must if you want to be a NYC tourist. Every tourist feels the need to take up the entire sidewalk with their group of 10, in the most fast-moving cities of the world, while carrying bags of clothes (probably abercrombie and fitch) and pointing at buildings. If you don't piss off someone trying to catch the the subway or a bus back home, you're not a tourist.

5. Subway delirium.

"But this is supposed is taking us uptown not downtown, right?"

On the subway, the most touristy thing to do is to talk and laugh at the top of your lungs as your form of communication with other tourists. It's a rare language. You also have to pull out a gigantic subway map to annoy the living hell out of everyone around you. Most importantly, you have to try to fit in your school of fellow tourists in a jam-packed, oven, of a subway during rush hour.

6. Fanny packs.

The fanny pack has been the "day one" tourist feature. Fanny packs were most prominent in the 90's, so if you ever traveled as a kid, you probably used your fanny pack to stash your Nintendo and your games. However, it still is used by many tourists, mostly elderly and middle aged, but it's definitely a must have if you're looking to keep your subway map and event schedule in a secure location. You're not a tourist without one.

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Borough Market's Greatest Hits

What stalls should be your top priority

If you're looking for some of the best produce and baked goods in London, Borough Market is the place to be. The market has been around for more than 1,000 years in one form or another so needless to say they know what they're doing.

The market is super popular amongst locals and tourists alike so make sure you get there at 10, right when it opens so you can enjoy the market before the real crowds get there. If you have time to see everything go for it, if not these stalls were my top picks.

Bread Ahead

Bread Ahead bakes all of its goods daily before the market. Their doughnuts and bread are one of the first things you see when entering the market, meaning their stall is well worth a look. I got a raspberry jelly doughnut and a mini baguette which were both awesome.

Borough Olives

These olives were SO good. I got the Italian Green Olives and I honestly regret not getting more from there. I would honestly consider going back to the market just to go here.

The Gated Garden

While I was waiting for my friend to get to the market I explored The Gated Garden's stall and I was very tempted to buy a bunch of daffodils for £1. I restrained myself, but their flowers were so lovely I couldn't help to look.

Furness Fish & Game

I have absolutely no idea how to cook with things like octopus and sea bass, but if you do Furness Fish & Game has amazing displays of fresh seafood. Be sure to check out their stall even if you can't cook.


Probably some of the best looking produce at the market. Not only was it beautifully displayed, but it was super fresh. I got blood oranges imported from Sicily and fennel from here.

They also had some super are aesthetically pleasing mushrooms that looked delicious.

Paul Crane

Paul Crane also had some great looking produce. They were running a deal on avocados (4 for £1) so you know I had to pick some of those up.

Chez Michelle

Chez Michelle was probably one of the most enchanting stalls in the market. The second I saw a cart full of the cutest mini cacti, I was there. I mean look at them!

La Tua Pasta

La Tua Pasta makes all kinds of pasta fresh daily. I picked up some orecchiette which was delicious. The pasta comes in family size packages, but don't worry if you're eating for one like me it can be frozen and eaten one serving at a time.

You're certain to leave with way more food than necessary so come prepared with an empty stomach and reusable bags. Hopefully, you'll leave the market with your bags full and your pockets empty. Don't forget to leave room for dinner (and maybe some of the wine you bought too)!

Cover Image Credit: Pexels.com

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20 Memories I Want To Make Before It's Too Late To Make More

What's on my bucket list? I'm so glad you asked.

We all have things we wish to experience in life because we all know life is fleeting. We don’t know how much time we have or if today is our last day. Everyone should live life to the fullest they possibly can. This is advice I should learn to take myself every once in a while. With this in mind, I decided to create a bucket list; a list of things I dream to accomplish before my time is up.

Hopefully, I have all the time in the world to conquer my bucket list!

1. Be Confident In My Own Skin

2. Watch The Northern Lights

3. Visit The 4 Corners

4. Land My Dream Job

I'm not 100% sure what this is yet, but hopefully, I'll figure it out sooner rather than later.

5. Have A Pet Cow Named Annabelle

6. Go Kayaking In A Clear Kayak

Just imagine the kayak is see through.

7. Visit A Natural Hot Spring

8. Go On A Wine Safari

9. Start An Animal Rescue/Sanctuary

10. Take A Road Trip With No Destination

11. Name A Star After Someone Important To Me

12. Swim With Dolphins And Sea Turtles

13. See The City Of Second Chances

14. Visit All U.S. National Parks

15. Visit A Wolf Sanctuary

16. Hold A Lion, Tiger, And Bear Cub

17. Go To A Drive-In Movie

18. Visit A Walk Through Aquarium

19. Marry The Man Of My Dreams

20. Become A Mom

Cover Image Credit: Shannon Kerns

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