To those of you who are chronic worries, you know the headache of chronic “what ifs” popping in and out of your head all day. They can weigh you down and make you less present in the current moment. How can you focus on the now if you are always worried about the future? Of course, everyone worries from time to time but this article is addressed to the incessant worriers, myself included.

So are you worried yet? Well you’re not alone, there are millions of worriers in this World probably working themselves up right now. Being a chronic worrier myself, I know just how much time you waste thinking about possible future outcomes. Who knows if these possibilities will even happen but why not waste a couple hours thinking of the worst? NO! Stop wasting your time worrying about your future career, if you’ll ever find a “the one”, if your plane will crash. The truth is, we just don’t know what will happen that is why the future is exciting and there is no sense in worrying about it now. If we got back all the hours we wasted worrying and used them productively, there may be a cure to cancer, or no war, maybe we would even have flying cars. Who knows but there can be and there is fun in the unknown. So wipe off your brow, stop clamming up and follow these nine tips to end chronic worrying.

1. Make a list of all your worries. Have a field day! Write down every unrealistic and unfeasible worry that goes through your head on the daily.

2. Now begin crossing them out. They can’t all be true can they? This process is gradual but just start with crossing off one worry a day and soon your list will shrink.

3. Put things in perspective. Is your life really worth worrying this much? Sometimes by removing your personal worries from all the world’s worries can be humbling and calming. It is not your job to prevent global warming or put an end to the war on terror. Your worries belong to you, not anyone else.

4. Stop looking at the clock. I don’t just mean the nice new watch you got for Christmas but time in general. Our society is in a constant rush that can stress us out and cause us unnecessary worry. Not everything has a time limit or a deadline. Sometimes you have to stop looking at the clock and be present in the moment.

5. Talk to others. Worries aren’t anything to be ashamed of. By sharing your personal worries with others, listeners can help prioritize your worries when maybe you can’t. Also, stating your worries out loud can sometimes help you realize how silly they are.

6. Embrace the unknown. If life was mean to be all planned out then it would be quite boring. Like watching the same Adam Sandler movie over and over again. Try and do little things that scare you and that cannot be planned. Us worries need to be pushed out of their comfort zone.

Stop worrying and take your life back. You only get one life so don’t waste precious time worrying over possibilities that are out of your control. Become a warrior, not a worrier.