An (Almost) A-Z Guide Of Fun Things You Can Do During The Summer

An (Almost) A-Z Guide Of Fun Things You Can Do During The Summer

Summer Can Get A Little Boring Sometimes.

Trying to find things to do over the summer can be hard. So much time, but it's hard to make use of every moment. I tried to make an A-Z list of things to do, but I had too hard of a time trying to find things for letters like X and N. Here's my list of almost A-Z fun things you can do this summer.




Drive in Theater


Go Kart Racing


Independent Film Festival

Laser Tag


Paintball Game

Quidditch Game


Tea Tasting

Ultimate Frisbee Game

White Water Rafting


There's a lot you can do in the summer. Whether you're adventurous or if you're more laidback, I hope some of these ideas help curb the boredom that comes with having too much time.

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The Basic Christmas List For Young Adult Women

If you're looking for the perfect gift, here's a list.

Looking for the #Basic list for young adult guys? Head right here.

1. Knit/Fleece Socks

Actually, any socks in general, #TBH.

2. Makeup

Hit up Ulta, Sephora or Amazon Beauty. Highlight/contour sets are always something us gals want but can never afford. There are also a lot of great makeup gift ideas here.

3. Big Comfy Sweaters

American Eagle / H&M; are great places to find these. FYI, you really can't mess up buying a girl a sweater!

4. Love Your Melon Hats

They're for a good cause and they're cute, so why not purchase one?

5. Comfy Lounging Clothes

Joggers, sweatshirts, half zips, hoodies...

6. 5 for $25


7. Jewelry

Alex & Ani and Pandora are always popping. Also, if you are shopping for a significant other, just listen to Bey!

8. Blanket Scarves

Ooooo... comfy and cute, that's like two gifts in one.

9. Coffee Accessories

Mugs, travel mugs, and coffee itself are all important to us.

10. Bras/Bralettes

If you're shopping for a close friend, then this is something you should look into, because a girl can never have enough bras.

11. Boots/Booties

A girl can never have enough of those either -- Christmas is a great excuse for another pair!

12. Handbags/Purses

We appreciate the names: Michael, Kate, Louis...

13. Fun Snacks and Candies

The stuff that we complain about that makes us fat is probably exactly the stuff we want.

14. College/Team Spirit Wear

You'll appreciate this gift so much when coming into college; having apparel different than the other students who raided the bookstore the first week and are all wearing the same thing.

15. Small Room Decor and Accessories

Francesca's is great with these things like canvas quotes, wall decals and more.

16. Keychains

Yes, the typical Kylie Jenner fur ball is so basic... but we love it.

17. Anything Nike

Just buy it.

18. A Polaroid Camera

I mean who doesn't want one?

19. Bath Bombs

Don't even go anywhere but Lush to get these.

20. Candles

I don't know what it is, but chicks dig good smell. Take a visit to Bath & Body Works (I'm addicted!) and you should be set for a couple years worth of gifts!

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I Enjoy Thanksgiving But I'm Ready For The Christmas Season

Honestly I've been celebrating since November 1st.


Let's be real the last three months of the year is the time of year that I look forward to every year. It's not just because my birthday starts it off but also because of the cooler weather coming in. This time of year is the fun holiday season and I don't know about most people but I love when my whole family is able to come together to eat good food and spend time with each other since we all live far away.

Thanksgiving is a great holiday and I love the food that my family prepares for it. Everyone has an assigned dish to make, usually my mom does the bulk of it, but we all try and help when we can. Thanksgiving morning we have the Macy's day parade on even though we do not really watch it, while my dad is getting the turkey ready. By 11:00 am the kitchen is already smelling so good. Once the food is all ready we say the blessing and dive in to feast on the delish food that has been cooking all day.

God has given me so many blessings to be thankful for this year and I am always very grateful for everything that he has done for me. That is why I am so ready for the Christmas season to begin, even though I have been celebrating it early and my friends have been telling that it's too early I still sing Christmas songs anyway. Christmas is not only a special season because of all the loving hearts, giving spirits and joyful souls that people have during this time of year but, the main reason for the season is about Jesus Christ and celebrating his birth. God's greatest gift for us was his son and he did that out of love even when He knew what was going to come next.

My biggest wish for this Christmas season is that everyone would enjoy what they love doing which is giving gifts to those that they love, but to not let that consume what this time of year is all about. In Hebrews 12:28 it states " Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe." I like this verse because we are all so unworthy of God's love, but he gives it to us anyway and he blesses us and we need to be thankful. Not just during the time that we are supposed to be but rather all year long. I hope that everyone has a happy Thanksgiving, eat all the turkey, Mac n cheese, green beans, mashed potatoes, cranberry jelly and whatever else you enjoy.

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