A Guide On How To Beat Arizona's Heat

Step 1: You Can't

I am sure you thought this article was going in a completely different direction but this road has taken a sharp left turn and landed us all the way in Arizona. As many of us know, this state becomes the least attractive and welcoming place during the summer months because it is basically an oven and we are all slowly becoming cooked meat any time we walk outside. Arizona reaches record highs in the summer months and sometimes, even the pool is too warm to swim in to cool off.

The simple fact that someone can honestly fry an egg on the sidewalk and bake cookies on their dashboards can be equated to the child who throws a tantrum after not getting what they want. Dramatic and unnecessary. I think we all wonder why there is only one place like this. Other states have heat and humidity (which sucks) but our heat is a dry heat without humidity and we are all truly thankful we do not have to deal with that here.

You know that game circulating the internet called "The Floor Is Lava" (if not, you should look it up it is hilarious), well Arizona takes that to a whole new level with legitimately making the floor lava. And the air. And everything else. Some people (like me), who do not tan, can walk outside for a few minutes and when we walk back inside, we have turned into the ripest tomato in the patch.

"We are not living out here, we are barely surviving."

Wise words from a fellow Twitter user who is currently living in the same depths of a volcano soaking in molten lava, just waiting to explode from overheating. The worst thing about summer in Arizona is that when the numbers on the thermometer go up, so does the air conditioning bill. Without air conditioning, I guarantee we would all be burnt pork-chops by now.

The interesting thing about Arizona is that when the degrees go up, the population decreases. Why you might ask? The entire population of Arizona flocks to California for the summer. The closest place to Arizona with a beach and nice-r weather is California and that is where everyone goes. I do not think I've ever met anyone who has not visited California in the summer.

In all seriousness though, here are some important things to remember in the summer (especially if you live in Arizona). Always carry water with you wherever you go and if you have a dog try buying them dog shoes or getting them exercise inside so the heat does not hurt them. Same goes for us humans too, if the heat is too much try exercising indoors and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. If you are prone to getting sunburned, put sunscreen on every morning before you go outside to do anything (Summer is the easiest time to get skin cancer) and always remember to have fun even if you do live in a volcano that is waiting to erupt.

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