Honestly, sometimes you get some pretty interesting guests and tables as a server. Some you love, some you hate, and some just make you question if you're really cut out for this job.

1. The pickiest eater with the complicated order

"Hi, I want a boneless, skinless left side chicken breast with not a lot of seasoning but still seasoned, cooked through but not burnt on a separate plate."

2. The one who wants something that's not even on the menu

I'm sorry, sir, this is a pizza joint; we don't have filet mignon.

3. Or better yet, "Well someone let me do it before!"

That's nice Carol, but I'm sorry I'm not serving your 13-year-old niece wine. I don't feel like losing my job today.

4. The one who is mad they have to wait

I'm sorry you had to wait an hour for your party of 15 to be sat on a Friday night, and no, your well done 30oz porterhouse will not be ready in 10 minutes just because you're hungry.

5. The person who doesn't 'believe in tipping'

And I don't believe in being treated like a slave Barbra, but here we are.

6. The one who thinks they're your only table

Sure, let me just stop everything I'm doing until you leave, I can do that.

7. The regulars everyone loves

They're sweet, they care, they don't mind if they wait and they understand that things happen.

8. The regulars everyone hates

They're rude, picky, impatient, never tip well and everyone hopes they don't get stuck with them.

9. The table who lets their kids do whatever they want

This is a restaurant, not a playground.

10. The one who wants to talk to the manager

Half of the time you don't even know why they're upset; they just are.

11. The table whose food is never right

And they will send it back to the kitchen until it's good enough, then they eventually turn into person #10.

12. The one who restores your faith in humanity

A lot of people suck, but not everyone.