What It's Like Growing Up in Wilmington, Delaware

What It's Like Growing Up in Wilmington, Delaware

We hold many surprises.

When people ask me where I am from, the first place they assume is that I’m from a city of China. People look and think that because of the color of my skin that obviously I’m Asian, which means that I am automatically from China. I’m here to say sorry, I’m not from China, but I do have a Chinese heritage. I was born and raised in Wilmington, DE. It is a pretty small state, but even the tiniest packages hold the biggest surprises.

Some places that we like to hang out would be the malls, the Pit, Lucky’s diner, Regal’s Cinema, the beaches, and the state parks. Basically in this town, these are the only places that we could drop whatever we were doing and go within moments notice. I’ve grown up here and I have many fond memories of what it use to be. Such as remember when Christiana mall still had water foundations all around and running down the steps to throw my three little pennies into the foundation while screaming from glee of making it to the top tier. These places are pretty much an institution and have been around longer than I have been alive. The Pit that I was referring to is Charcoal Pit. Growing up, people had different nicknames for different places and if you weren’t a Delawarean, you would be so confused as to why we do this. These are some of the places that we can walk in our pj’s and not be judged for it. We can show our true personalities.

Nostalgia is everywhere, wherever you go there is most likely a memory of part-taking in an activity there. Such as taking your first vacation at Rehoboth, buying your first date outfit at Rave, attending a Blue Rocks game, or going to St. Helena’s carnival with your friends and crush. Going to the beach and remembering traveling to grandma’s house and stuffing your face with candy and ice cream before actually going to the beach. Also knowing which beach is best to go at what time of year and is less crowded. Everywhere we go, the odds of seeing someone that you recognize from school or from work is nine out of ten. Even when you’re stopped at a stop light on Foulk and Grubb in front of Stanley’s Tavern, you can see your friends driving in the car next to you or making that right turn from Grubb. Sometimes when I go to work, I would see Joe Biden’s relative or happen to see governor Jack Markell grabbing take out. Even though the places we go are the same as the other times we’ve been there, the experiences change each time.

Other quirky characteristics that make Delaware and Delawareans unique are when whenever we say that we are from Delaware, they’d always inquire “where is that”. Then we would add on that its near New York or Pennsylvania, in case they still had no idea where it is. We also like to complement our fries not with ketchup, but with vinegar. When we are shopping, we aren’t shocked by the tax free prices unlike out-of-towners, who pay almost double for the same things. Frequently, despite being tax-free, we still like to search for great shopping deals. We sometimes pronounce water as “wudder,” “that-a-way” means in that direction, and “beggle” as bagel. In addition, we know that Concord is pronounced “con-curd,” Newark is “new-ark,” and Naamans is “nay-mans.” The only time Delaware is even on people’s radar is when Firefly Music Festival is happening in Dover. Although, these quirky traits may seem bizarre and perplexing to you, but these traits make us who we are.

No matter if we know everyone in our town, we could always meet someone new and we just don’t realize it until later. We hold many surprises ranging from natural beauty at the state parks to creative events hosted down by the Wilmington Riverfront. Just because we are small does not mean we are any less of a state.

Cover Image Credit: delawaretoday.com

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If You're Looking For Love, You're Not Going To Find It In His Bed

*Queue "How To Love" by Lil Wayne*

Everyone wants to feel accepted. It's in our nature. We want everyone to like us. We thrive on the feeling of being wanted. We preach self love and self acceptance, but the truth is we tell ourselves these things so that we will stop relying on others for acceptance. Is self love important? Yes. Is it easy? No.

This causes us to search for love in the easy places. The wrong places. We feel like if we search for it in sex, or entertaining someones feelings, that we will feel better for a second.

Take it from someone who's been there.

You might feel better for like an hour, or maybe even a day. However, you won't be fulfilled. In fact, you're going to be left emptier than you were when you started. You will give and give, hoping for something in return, until it's a few years later, and you are exhausted and have nothing left to give. Since you decided to look for love in the easy places, you're never going to get anything back either.

Let me tell you about the guys you are going to find in the easy places. Not the good ones. I'll start by telling you that. You're going to find the guys that you thought might be different. You will seek them out. When they leave, it will hurt. They will make you feel worthless. Until you break the cycle, you are going to be used and drained again and again.

Self love is the hard part. I'm only beginning to get there. It's a hard process, and after being used a billion and a half times, it makes it even harder. If you feel yourself starting to look for love in the wrong places, stop. You can make this way easier on yourself. I promise you that the curiosity and longing you feel now isn't nearly as strong as the hurt you're going to feel when all of it comes crashing down.

It will come crashing down.

Nothing easy can sustain itself. Life is hard, no one ever said it was going to be easy. This feeling of acceptance needs to come within you. The sooner you realize that a boy is not going to fill that void for you, the better off you will be.

I wish someone would've given me this advice years ago, so I'm passing it on to you, in the hopes that you'll stop yourself before you get hurt. It's only a matter of time.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash

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5 Things That Happen After You Escape Your Awkward Phase

We all remember the days of zit cream and ill-fitting clothing.

Some people never had an awkward phase. Some of us definitely, definitely did though. For me, and many others, that phase lasted from middle school through the beginning of high school. Obviously, now that I'm in college, it's been quite a while since that time.

That being said, sometimes I forget that I'm not still that awkward little teenager who couldn't look people in the eye when she talked to them and wasn't able to successfully complete a skincare routine more than two days in a row. If you can relate, here are five residual effects from your awkward phase, if you've managed to move out of it.

1. You can totally see the glow-up when you look at old pictures.

Wow. You did that.

2. You definitely know how to be single.

Other people are freaking out about being single, and you're over here chilling.

3. You have sympathy for those still in the awkward phase.

You know there's a light at the end of the tunnel, and they're gonna make it.

4. You're still wary of the people who never had an awkward phase.

It's just not fair. It's unnatural.

5. Even though you made it out, some days you still feel like that awkward eighth grader.

It's okay to regress if it's temporary. Three days maximum.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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