Talking to friends about parents growing up I have always had the youngest parents out of them all. In High school my parents were in their 30s as other parents happened to be in their 50s. Having young parents has been the best part of growing up. They are always there when I need them and they understand society today. They understand us as kids because they grew up in a society similar to us.

Always up for adventures

My parents were always up for adventures. Most of the time it was spare of the moment 'I am bored' type days or plans we have made previously. They are go go go people and never waste time sitting around. That would explain why I get crabby when I am bored or why I never sit still for long.

Listen to the same type of music

14 hour car rides are never dreadful with my parents. I can bond with them over music and we also share what new artists or songs we have recently discovered. As much as older music is just as good, my generation is always up for jamming out to the new music.

Along with music, my parents are always up for a concert

Yes, I go to concerts with my parents. It is honestly some of the best memories and I do not regret one bit of it. It is always a blast and its great because they know pretty much every song the artist sings durning the concert. Concerts have become our summer thing.

They understand society today

They are young and still growing up in the society today. They grow up with what we grow up with and they learn as they go. They understand technology, school, drama and just life in general. They protect us as much as they can from things they know can be dangerous.

They never give up on you

It is not likely that younger parents would give up on their child or just not care where they are. As older parents typically get tired of keeping track of where their children are and some just let their child run the streets. My parents have never been like that, they make rule and enforce them. They care about us no matter what and would never give up on us. Even if we make a mistake.

Older parents could be great too but I grew up with younger parents and I would not change a thing about that. Growing up with young parents have taught me such great things about life and there was never a dull moment. Not even the five reasons above is enough to explain how much I enjoy having younger parents. But not even age is everything, because my parents did a fantastic job of raising my siblings and I. I would not be where I am or who I am if it was not for them being there every step of the way.