Christmas... The most magical time of the year for people of all ages. Although Christmas season and all of the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes that come along with it are undeniably magical forever, it is impossible not to realize that you have grown up as each Christmas season comes and goes.

These are some of the moments during the Christmas season that make you realize just how much you've grown up.

1. Your Christmas list isn't 50 things long...

How amazing were the days when Christmas lists were pages and pages long... Oh how I wonder how Santa read through ALL of those.

2. ...And you really can't think of anything you NEED

When you're a kid, each toy seems like do or die more than the last. You know you've grown up when you begin to think about your Christmas list and realize nothing is a necessity, just a want.

3. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are big days

You know you're older when shopping for gifts is more important than asking for gifts. And you know you're even older when you realize that deals on those gifts are quite necessary. Black Friday lines here I come...

4. Preparing is more exciting than celebrating 

The behind the scenes prep of Christmas can (and does) oftentimes get more exciting than the actual holiday itself. Ever felt giddy while decorating or wrapping a present? It's awesome.

5. You begin to consider how ~expensive~ Christmas really is

You know you've gotten older when you wish Santa could brunt the bill for just one more Christmas. (How does Christmas cost so much?? And how did we never know as kids??)

6. More about people, less about presents

You seriously know you've grown up when you realize that this holiday is more about your loved ones than the presents waiting under the tree.

7. The Christmas season is magical in a different way

Things like nice and neat decorations and successful shopping days make you happy. But in all seriousness, Christmas magic never fades. It just evolves as you get older.

Growing up doesn't mean the Christmas season is over. It just means it's different - sometimes even in better ways. But Christmas is sure to prove to you just how much you've grown up year after year.