Growing Babies Outside The Womb?

Growing Babies Outside The Womb?

The future of growing babies outside the womb may be just around the corner.

Within the past year an idea that has popped up about possibly being able to grow a human inside what looks to be a chamber. This may be the solution to get around having a surrogate which can be both expensive and cause emotional attachments at times.

The Par-tu-ri-ent pod, which came about as an idea by students at Artez Product Design Arnhem, offers a stable nutritional environment for the baby to grow in for 9 months. On top of the pod is a clear lid so one would be able to watch the baby evolve. There is even a portable bag that you can wear over your shoulder that replicates the kicks you would feel as if you were carrying the baby yourself.

Along with the simulated kicks, the pod has other features such as the feeding mechanism and microphone. The feeding device allows the parents to prepare food and mush it up right at home, while the microphone lets the growing baby hear the parents' voices.

So what do you think? Could this be a possibility for our future generations? Even though it is not a real product as of right now, I think we have reached big markers in the medical industry that could make this possible.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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I Was Raised By A Single Parent, And I’m Better For It

Being raised by a single parent does not have to be negative, I am grateful for being raised by a single parent!

National Single Parents Day is March 21st, and my single parent experience benefitted me.

Being raised by a single parent has become normal in today's society in America. Whether it is a mother or a father raising their child, being a single parent can sometimes be straining on both the parent and the child. The nature of the relationship is what depends on whether it will be a positive or negative impact. My single parent's experience has been a positive one.

For me, my parents divorced when I was 9 months old; therefore, I never actually had to experience the process of divorce. I am grateful for that because I know that is hard. I am also grateful that my single parent was not actually just a single parent. Both of my parents are in my life, but my mom primarily raised me.

Being raised by a single parent made me be grateful for the little things. It also taught me not to be bitter towards families that are still together. I know me, my mom, and my dad is much happier the way we are rather than forcing a marriage and having unhappy parents that would fight all the time. Both of my parents have remarried and are happy with their marriages.

I was extremely lucky with how my parent's divorce was. Both of my parents love me and want the best for me. Being a single parent was hard for my mom, and I saw the effects it had on her. She worked her butt off to make sure I had all the tools in life to make sure I can be successful. I will forever be grateful for that.

My single parent situation has made my life have even more people who love me. For example, my stepdad's parents treat me like their own grandchild and that makes me feel so loved that they accept me into the family even if I am not blood.

Being raised by a single parent should not carry this negative attitude that was assigned to it by society. Yes, it does depend on your environment and how it is handled, but it does not have to negative.

Soooo Happy National Single Parents Day!

Cover Image Credit: Melissa Sherwood

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From The Girl Who Is Surrounded By Love, Here Are Some Of The People Responsible

The biggest sources of love and joy in my life

I would consider myself a very happy person. It is not hard to make me smile, and I genuinely laugh at everything (seriously, even if it's not funny). I have so many reasons to be happy in my life, and I truly was blessed with a beautiful life. Because of this, I wanted to highlight the things in life that really bring me pure joy, a happiness unlike no other.

1. Hugs from my mom

Especially when I haven't seen her in a while and we both start crying.

Side note: Pure joy also comes from laying on the couch with her and telling her everything.

2. The look on my brother's face when I come home.

Or the look on his face when I showed up to his last football game with this.

3. Watching anything with my dad.

From football games, to horror films, to super hero movies.

4. Making Abby laugh so hard she does her wheezing laugh.

Don't be fooled by the mean mug, if I even mention the word "wheezing", she'll do the laugh.

5. Jamming to Disney songs with Madi.

And trying not to choke on my laughter when she gets WAY into songs from Hercules.

6. When someone does something that warrants a "mom look" from Alexis.

This usually occurs when someone in the house does something dumb, and is complete with the person's full name, and a head shake.

7. The excited embraces I get from Sydney, every single time I see her.

I could have seen her just hours before, and I still get tackled, a massive hug, and an excited "HELLO!"

8. The look on Grant's face when I tell him a song reminds me of him.

Or when I play a song that he showed me.

9. Story time with Felicia.

My favorite parts of the day include her stories about her Chickfila mishaps.

10. Being reunited with Valeria and Alec.

We really are the perfect trio, and any time with them is an adventure.

Cover Image Credit: Maddie Hinojosa

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