11 Fun Facts About Groundhog's Day And Punxsutawney Phil

11 Fun Facts About Groundhog's Day And Punxsutawney Phil

Because who doesn't love learning about the cutest little groundhog and the most underrated holiday?


As a Pennsylvanian, Groundhog's Day is a pretty big deal. In case you don't know, Groundhog's Day is an annual holiday of February 2 each year. A cute groundhog named Punxsutawney Phil pops out of the ground. If he sees his shadow, he gets scared and retreats back into his hole and we get six more weeks of winter. If he doesn't see his shadow, spring is around the corner!

1. The event takes place in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania


Punxsutawney is the cutest little municipality in Pennsylvania. It is western Pennsylvania and is part of Jefferson County.

2. The holiday has its roots in Christianity in Europe


According to the groundhog's website, February 2 used to be a religious holiday for Christians called "Candlemas Day." Christians brought their candles to church on this day to light them to have warmth for the rest of winter!

3. The "animal" aspect of Groundhog's Day comes from Germany... and didn't always include groundhogs!


Back in the day, Germans believed that if a hedgehog saw its shadow on Candleman's Day, that meant more winter. When these people immigrated to America (specifically Pennsylvania, becoming the "Pennsylvania Dutch") the groundhog took over the role once employed by the hedgehog!

4. Punxsutawney Phil was on Oprah

In 1995, Oprah had her coolest guest star to date. Check it out here on YouTube!

5. Phil is immortal... or at least he hasn't died yet


Phil comes back year after year to let us know what to expect for the seasons. Thankfully, he hasn't passed away yet. He's 132 years old and going strong! Rumors have it that there is a magic elixir that keeps him young. Care to share, Phil?

6. The holiday has its own movie

The movie Groundhog Day came out in 1993 and stars Bill Murray.

7. Canada has its own groundhog that they use to celebrate the holiday

According to Time and Date, Canada has their own groundhog. His name was Wiarton Willie, but he passed away... (He should have taken some of Phil's elixir!) Now they have Shubenacadie Sam. They celebrate on the same day as the United States.

8. Phil may not be the most accurate source...


According to Fox News, Phil is only accurate 39% of the time. It's fine, though. His cuteness makes up for it.

9. Phil is married

Sorry groundhog ladies, this one's taken.


Phil has a wife. Her name is Phyllis and they are the *cutest* couple, literally!

10. Phil has his own language


Phil is fluent in Groundhogese. Check it out here!

11. Phil was NOT happy about Prohibition

This was Phil's exact face when he heard about the ban of alcohol.


According to the groundhog's website, during Prohibition, he threatened 60 weeks of winter if he could not get a drink. You can pretty much thank Phil for the end of Prohibition.

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I've always had a love/hate relationship with my birthday anyway, given that it's on Valentine's Day. So I've always had to share my birthday with all that love and people wanting to spend it with their partner. I believe that the dislike side has grown as well because as I get older and my friends get older, they are all finding someone to be with or starting a family. Therefore, they have someone they want to spend the day with. They want to celebrate with them, not me. I've always had to battle Valentine's Day.

I believe that once you've hit a lot of major milestone birthdays (i.e first, 16th, 18th, 21st) there isn't much to look forward to. It's just another year added to your life.

You realize more and more that you're just getting older.

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Of course, there will always be certain parts of my birthday that I really like and do look forward to. My mom gets me the heart-shaped donuts from Dunkin' every year on my birthday. She never forgets because I don't give her the chance to. I always remind her. I do like the fact that I can ask for something, and more often than not get it because it's my birthday.

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I just think that as you get older, birthday's just aren't worth the trouble.

So, I've accepted the fact that I just don't care. I will enjoy the little things about it, but I won't make a big fuss. It's just another day.

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