Greta Thunberg should serve as a role model for everyone

Greta Thunberg should serve as a role model for everyone

This young girl for for climate change awareness, and we should following her lead.


The fight for climate change has become a global debate for the past many decades, with proponents stressing about the consequences that climate change poses on the environment nationally and internationally and opponents calling it a "hoax" invented by the media. Climate change is indeed a real threat that threatens the way of life for every living human on this Earth, and that is why we a young girl named Greta Thunberg who has been making major headlines for her activism for climate change awareness over the past few months.

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year old girl from Sweden, and she has appeared all over the media vocalizing her concern for the planet and how climate change has affected her as well as many, many others around the world. Her voice has got a lot of attention and has inspired people to stop and think about their choices and what effect they have on the environment. She has shown how deeply passionate she is about saving the planet and protecting the environment, and why shouldn't she? Climate change is a serious threat that can prove disastrous for the children of the upcoming generations, and it is about time we have children like Greta standing up for this issue.

Of course, Greta has also been the target of criticism by the right who have accused her of being mentally exploited by the left to push their agenda, with some using her mental disabilities including Asperger's and autism as devices to discredit her. Not only do I find that to be shameful, I find it quite dispiriting the fight for climate change is become a partisan issue. Climate change awareness should not be a Democrat and Republican thing, it should be a human thing. Unlike issues like guns, abortions, and immigration laws (to name a few), climate change is not an American issue, it is a global issue that affects every nation around the world.

I understand some are skeptical on the idea of climate change and how our choices affect the environment, but Greta Thunberg has clearly shown she cares about what is happening to our planet, and she is right for pointing out all the politicians for taking this issue for granted. Many politicians, both Democrat and Republican, have failed to take this issue seriously and I believe we take words of Greta along with every other child activist out there to heart.

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