Green tea for weight loss: how to brew and drink correctly to lose weight
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Green tea for weight loss: how to brew and drink correctly to lose weight

Like the benefits of aloe, the unusual properties of green tea have been proven by more than one generation, and in the East it is the most popular drink.


Black and green tea varieties are obtained from the same plants - tea bushes, but they differ in the processing method. Green tea is produced using minimal oxidation or fermentation, after which this process is blocked by heating to high temperatures. If you do not think about so many things then you can just go and buy biofit tea. This tea has all the good mixtures which are necessary for weight loss and fitness.

The benefits of green tea: who needs to drink it

Green tea has a pleasant, but at the same time, unusual taste - it can often give off a slight bitterness. In addition to the fact that this drink perfectly quenches thirst and energizes, thanks to the caffeine contained in the composition, it has a number of other beneficial properties.

Green tea contains B vitamins, ascorbic acid, potassium, and fluoride, which are good for teeth and gums. Also, this drink is rich in manganese and copper, which is beneficial for the vision and strength of nails.

This drink is an excellent diuretic - it improves kidney function and speeds up the process of removing fluid from the body.

Green tea is also good for blood vessels - they become stronger and more elastic. It is recommended for athletes and people with active lifestyles as it relieves stress and helps the body recover faster.

Green tea has a positive effect on our skin. It contains a whole group of catechins (polyphenolic aromatic compounds) that act as antioxidants and protect cells from aging.

Also, green tea is an effective diaphoretic: it is recommended to use it when the temperature rises and inflammatory processes.

How to lose weight from green tea: what happens to our body

Green tea also helps to flush out toxins and heavy metal salts. It activates their excretion from the body and their processing in the liver. It is thanks to these properties that many people know it as an excellent means for losing weight.

Green teas help fight obesity as they mildly suppress appetite and are almost calorie-free.

Nutritionists claim that drinking two to four cups of tea infusion increases fat burning by 45%. It also lowers the amount of sugar in the body. The drink calms the nervous system, which makes it easier to tolerate weight loss.

How to choose the right green tea

Loose green tea is considered the most useful. Unlike packaged products, it does not contain artificial flavors or flavors. There is an opinion that low-quality varieties or industrial waste are put in teabags. It is also important to purchase large-leaf tea: when it is brewed, the leaves open, which indicates the naturalness of the product.

There is no consensus on which varieties of green tea contribute to weight loss because all types of this product have a positive effect on the body. However, the quality of the product can be determined by the color of the leaves. It is believed that tea has a higher quality, the leaves of which are silvery-green or golden-green.

How to drink green tea to lose weight

The answer to the question of whether green tea burns fats, as well as to see the desired result, is possible only if you adhere to all the recommendations regarding its brewing.

1. 200 ml of liquid will require 2-3 teaspoons of dry tea leaves.

2. Pour boiling water over tea, the temperature should not be higher than 80 degrees.

3. The drink should be allowed to brew for at least two minutes. There are varieties that take longer to infuse - usually, the manufacturer indicates this on the package.

4. Drink green tea 30 minutes before meals.

5. Green tea at night is not recommended because it contains caffeine. The last meal should be at least five hours before bedtime.

Drinking green tea for weight loss should be at least three cups a day. In order for such a diet to bring the desired result, the drink should be consumed regularly for two months, after which the amount can be reduced.

What can be added to green tea for weight loss

1. You cannot add sugar to green tea - this will increase its calorie content. It is better to replace sugar with honey and add lemon to make the drink sour. The latter promotes the breakdown of fat and lowers blood cholesterol levels.

2. An excellent supplement to green tea for weight loss is cinnamon - it will give the drink a pleasant, refined taste and speed up the metabolism.

3. Green tea will provide an excellent fat-burning effect in combination with ginger. The root of this plant is rich in vitamins and amino acids that enhance digestion and aid in the breakdown of fats.

4. You can also add skim milk to green tea. 60-70 grams of milk is the norm per cup. This combination will be an excellent prevention of heart and vascular diseases, as well as improve brain function.

Who can green tea harm?

Despite all the positive properties of green tea, it is not shown to everyone.

The drink tends to lower blood pressure, so it is better for hypotonic patients to refrain from drinking it. Also, green tea due to caffeine is not recommended for people with hypertension and heart disease.

Green teas should not be used for stomach acidity and ulcers.

For gout, rheumatoid arthritis, and insomnia, the drink is also not helpful.

Green tea is incompatible with alcohol because such compounds negatively affect kidney function.

Nutritionists say that in two months of regular consumption of the drink, you can lose up to 4 kilograms. The process of losing weight will take place gradually, by removing toxins from the body. It is also important to remember that green tea will be ineffective in losing weight if you do not follow the correct diet.

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