Throughout our high school years, many young girls see stories and pictures of their older friends that are in sororities – with hopes that one day, they too – could be a member of this beloved lifestyle known as Greek Life.

Going through a formal recruitment process can be tiring, stressful and even terrifying for some. As each day passes, the suspense builds for both Potential New Members, as well as the members of each chapter leading up to Bid Day.

For me, my formal recruitment was less stressful as expected. Our Pi Chi leaders were amazing and guided us throughout each and every step of the week, ensuring that our new home would be found with no doubts in mind.

On Bid Day, I remember being extremely excited because I had found my new home, with Phi Mu at the College of Charleston. Each member that I had talked with, was so genuine, so caring and seemed to accept me for exactly who I was.

Over the next three months, I made several new friends, little did I know that these girls would be my best friends to this very day.

Throughout my year as a member of Phi Mu at the College of Charleston, I have not only gained an enormous number of friends, but the self-confidence to be exactly who I am made to be – nothing more, nothing less. I have gained a greater understanding of what it means to give back to the community around us.

Although we do have social events every couple of months, it is not just about the parties. It is not about getting dressed up in our best threads, to spend our weeknights and weekends partying our lives away.

Greek Life is all about empowerment, gaining self-confidence, making friends with people – just like you! It is about caring for each other and taking care of the community around us. Whether you are a member of sorority or fraternity – I hope you find this article motivating. As current collegiate chapter members, we must work diligently to break the stigma of Greek Life.

I am eternally grateful for the friendships, opportunities, and memories that Phi Mu has given to me. I can only hope that the remainder of my two years at the College, are just as impactful on my life, as the previous. As for me, I’m from the Greek community – and I like it that way!