Instagram is the current way we share our experiences with friends, family, and even strangers. No longer do we sit in friends' living room watching slideshows of vacations gone by. Now, we see the pictures real-time on social media – especially Instagram.

Are you ready to learn more about how to make your friends Insta-jealous on your next trip? Here are some tips.

Skip the Selfies

Yes, your friends are glad you're traveling. But they don't want to see giant pictures of your face. Instead, focus on capturing the sights and people around you.

Pictures of your kids frolicking? Yes! Pictures of cute animals? Heck yeah. Pictures of you and your hubby/wife mugging in front of a monument? Keep it to a minimum. You may want those photos for yourself, but when posting to Instagram, focus on the monument and nature around the area.

Keep it In Focus

Is your photo blurry, crooked, or simply unappealing?

It's time to hit the delete key.

Instagram is not where you put every photo you take from your trip. Instead, it's a curated collection of only the best.

As part of this tip, be sure to pick appropriate lighting and avoid reflections. Don't kill your photo with filters. Do your best to get a good picture to begin with.

Capture the Beauty

What's the most striking feature of the area you're in? How can you capture it?

Look for ways to get great shots of nature, sunrise and sunset, and monuments. You may find that being up high helps you capture a great view of a city or town. Climb if you can!

Find candid wildlife pictures as well. Perhaps you've never seen a giraffe in person, or you're in Australia and you saw your first kangaroo. Capture the moment and share the wonder with your followers.

And then there's food. Some people love food photos and some folks hate them. The key is to choose only the most unusual or appetizing food photos to put on your Instagram feed. Frog leg on a stick? Yes! Toast at the Holiday Inn? Probably not.

Get Your Insta On!

Instagram is a great platform for sharing your adventures with others. When you take great photos, your reach can extend well beyond your family and friends.

Enjoy your travels – everyone is eager to see them!