President Trump is going to return us to a century ago when gray wolves were almost hunted to extinction. He plans on lifting the Endangered Species Act that protects them in 48 states, which means death to this native species. The gray wolf is just beginning to recover from the trapping, hunting, and poisoning that was inflicted on them by humans. There numbers have drastically depleted leaving only one surviving wild wolf pack in California. To leave the judgement to the states on how they should deal with the gray wolves, living scarcely and peacefully in the wild, will make their days numbered.

Human mass extinction, (extinction of other species caused by humans), has killed the blue macaw, the western black rhinoceros, the clouded leopard, the Mexican grizzly bear, the Caribbean monk seal, and many other extraordinary species. These animals have met their death at our hands and if we are not careful the gray wolf will be next.

The question is, what can you do to help?

Most of us don't have power, or fame, or money, but what we do have is numbers. One person might not be able to accomplish much, but thousands can change the world. We look the other way and let multi-million dollar companies and people with political power destroy the Earth and all its wildlife. At the bare minimum we can share the word through our friends and social media, we can take less than a minute to sign a petition to support a cause, and if you can go the extra mile and spare a few extra dollars. If you feel strongly towards something write your state senator or your house representative; let the people who speak for the people know how you feel. You can go to your state capitol, or even join a protest. It isn't hopeless if we all join together.

Don't standby and watch silently. Don't let the gray wolf be another name on the list of extinct species. Don't let Trump and his administration win. Come together and be a powerful force to protect nature because once we take power, fame, and money away that is all we have left.