When I grew up, my parents occasionally spoiled me, but they also taught me to be thankful for what I had. I was given money from time to time, before I had gotten a job, when I wanted to get food with friends or buy some new clothes, but I wasn't constantly handed money whenever I wanted. I started working as soon as I turned 15. I would never have received half of what I was given if I was not sure to be thankful for what I had because some parents cannot afford to spoil their kids. That's okay too. Every family has different opportunities and different incomes.

My parents took the worry of paying for college from me because they could. I acknowledge that some people are not as lucky, and I am grateful every day for my parents. That does not mean that I don't work hard in school or stress about. On my breaks from school, I work to make money for myself, but while I'm in school I solely focus on work. Cheers to those who can balance working, going to class, and staying involved. Not everyone can handle those stressors as well as others, so it's awesome to take pride in that if you can!

Let's be real, college is stressful enough with schoolwork alone, so it only makes sense for that stress to be heightened when you add work and extracurriculars to your schedule. How people face and manage stress is extremely situational. Everyone has their own triggers, as well as their own ways to cope. Just because one person works while attending school does not mean that another person who does not work while attending school is not allowed to be stressed.

Parents who pay for their children's tuition love their kids, but so do parents who don't. I know that when I am older and have kids, if my income allows me to pay for my child's higher education, I will 100% take care of the cost. If I can't, then I will help in the best way that I can, even if that means that my child will have to be paying off loans for a good portion of their life. In either situation, I still love my child.

Just because my parents pay for my education doesn't mean I am spoiled, and it certainly does not mean I am not thankful for what I have and what I am given. It also doesn't mean that I don't work hard in school or that I am not allowed to be stressed. It just means that I have to acknowledge that I am lucky that my parents can afford to help me out, and that I should never take that for granted.

No, I can't put spoiled on a resume, but you can't put bitter on a resume, either.