Grand Canyon University Goes 'Healthi'

Meet Brandon Schilling and Cullen Osmond, both students at Grand Canyon University who came up with the idea of starting a healthy fast food option for the students at GCU and with their team of honorable mentions including Enrico Sanchez who is the creator/founder of the Huub app and now is teaming up with Brandon and Cullen as their Chief Marketing Officer.

Another honorable mention Chris Diaz who is the creator/founder of the College Shout Out app and is now the Vice President of Business Operations for Healthi and Dimitri March who is the Vice President of Supply Chain.

With an avid interest in nutrition and finding frustration in not being able to purchase reasonably priced healthy foods, they came up with this incredible idea. Healthi was originally started to provide the community with opportunities to have fresh, healthy food prepared in a timely manner at a reasonable price.

The reason they are choosing to place this at Grand Canyon University is because the Lope Community genuinely cares about the future of their students and implementing healthy lifestyles by also catering to a college student's busy schedule.

Healthi's mission statement is categorized into five different areas. The first is that they are trying to teach future generations to come about how important nutrition is, the second is they are giving back to the local farms and the supporting community. Thirdly, making it easier to live a healthy lifestyle is beneficial to everybody and they are showing how healthy food can still taste great. Lastly, they are essentially creating a healthy movement and hoping that our student body and neighboring universities will join the movement.

When the idea originated, they took to asking the students around Grand Canyon University for their input on having the healthier fast food option on campus. A lot of the feedback included about having a healthier option on campus would be more efficient and would be helpful to a lot of people who may be trying to stay away from that freshman fifteen. Another common comment was acknowledging the high price of the food currently on campus. Most people pay for meal plans and many students have run out of money on their meal plans because of the price of the food. Healthi was designed to solve these problems in an effort to help the student body.

Their menu includes breakfast items such as protein pancakes, oatmeal, egg white sandwiches and wraps, and a quinoa fruit salad (cannot wait to try that). They also have an omelet bar that is open from 9am-11am and extras to add to any breakfast dish you choose! Their lunch and dinner menu is intentionally designed so the consumer can choose what they put into their sandwich, wraps, or bowls.

Healthi’s mission is simple. Create a healthy environment and lifestyle that is accessible to everyone while still being affordable. At the end of the day, when you're offering an option that is beneficial to everyone and even helping neighboring communities how can you say no?

Support Healthi's mission by liking them on Facebook, @eathealthi, and if you have any questions, comments, or concerns they are here for you!

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