An English Major's Daily Struggle: Being Grammatically Correct

An English Major's Daily Struggle: Being Grammatically Correct

There's no need to be a "Grammar Nazi," but you should know how to speak correctly.

The daily struggle of an English major includes an innumerous amount of papers to write, a pile of books to read, and not enough time to do it all. Yes, these things are hard but are manageable. The worst struggle English majors encounter is grammatical errors, especially the mix up of “there/their/they’re” and “you’re/your”. Receiving a text with the incorrect “your” sends shivers down my spine. For all the eye rolls I just received: hear me out. It has been drilled in me to know the correct word to use in a sentence. It’s not my, or any other English major's job to correct someone’s grammar, but it is a problem that minor grammatical errors are made daily. The simple solution to this problem is to enforce grammar into English classes.

Enforcing correct grammar is useful because it helps with student’s writing. A nationwide test was done and found that “only 24 percent of students in eighth and twelfth grades were proficient in writing, and just 3 percent were advanced”. Only 24 percent! Writing is an essential skill even if you aren’t an English major. Professional papers are required to be accepted to college, are sometimes required to receive a scholarship, and are assignments in every subject. Adding grammar into English class will not only help students with their writing, it will also help them with their everyday conversations.

Communicating is essential to everyday life. Whether it’s in a job, networking to push your own business, or just in everyday conversation, communication is important. “Grammar, regardless of the country or the language, is the foundation for communication — the better the grammar, the clearer the message, the more likelihood of understanding the message’s intent and meaning”. Knowing how to communicate correctly will be beneficial in the long run. One day, you could be presenting in your job, in front of the whole company. If you don’t know how to speak correctly, you will not be taken seriously.

Adding grammar into the English curriculum wouldn’t be a huge deal. The tiny, obscure grammatical rules wouldn’t need to be taught. It isn’t necessary for everyone to know the four verb moods. Knowing the difference between “you’re/your” and “there/their/they’re” is more important. Being able to use correct grammar, and knowing the correct word to use in a sentence will make you seem more professional and educated. Something as simple as diagramming a sentence helps the student understand each word in a sentence. Doing this helps students think before they write, or speak.

The solution to the problem of common grammatical errors in the world is simple. Adding simple grammar to the English curriculum will set a foundation for students that will help them go further in life. The solution is straightforward and wouldn’t cause any issues. Teaching a ten-minute grammar lesson could do wonders for students, and create a better generation.

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Finals Week As Explained By Chandler Bing

"All right, I took the final. And it turns out I do put Netflix before studying."

It’s officially finals week . That's right, it's that time of year again. You begin to question your decision of going to college and have found a new home inside of the library (which some of you may have had no idea it existed before finals week). Every student can relate to the large amount of stress that comes along with finals week and it seems like the whole campus has turned into zombies. Coffee (and nothing but coffee) is the only thing keeping you moving at this point. Chandler Bing can relate far too well, but luckily he adds some humor to this otherwise disastrous week and I hope you find comfort in the fact that there are thousands of others are out there suffering along with you, I know I do. That makes my mental breakdown all the more justifiable and we all know a breakdown is inevitable. Here are some laughs that are all too relatable but will (hopefully) brighten your spirits!

1. When you have three exams to study for, two presentations and one paper to finish

So much to do in so little time.

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2. When you haven't moved from the same spot in the library at all

That awkward moment when your butt is actually so sore from sitting too long...been there done that.

3. You want to eat anything and everything, both out of stress and sleep deprivation

They call it comfort food for a reason.

4. And you actually fall asleep while attempting to study (but hopefully not during your final)

Because your body just cannot take being awake any longer. But you really wanna pass the class not pass out.

5. Trying to make the word count on your final paper

Must make that page limit. Must get every ounce of information on there. But. Don't lie, we all do it.

6. When your professor tells you that your final is cumulative

Can't take in that much information. NOPE!

7. When you receive your exam and suddenly get into the holiday spirit

Nothing says "happy holidays" like lengthy 2-hour exams that sucks out your soul.

8. The more you study, the more you question why you’re in college at all

Your major becomes too much because of the work. From science to music to education to nursing. The stress is bringing you down. We've all been there.

9. And then you start to question EVERYTHING

Because logic isn't simply going to help you pass your class.

10. You don’t want to hear how all your friends are done Monday when you have to stay until Thursday

Please tell me how easy your week is because you only have 2 finals as opposed to my 5 finals.

11. When other people say they have fewer or easier finals than you

I envy all of you!

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12. When someone tells you that you've been watching too much Netflix and tries to get you to stop and you're like

You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. No you do not.

13. When you finally walk out of your last test for the year, you feel like you can conquer anything

Well, almost anything.

14. That feeling when you not only passed the final, but you passed the class as well. After all those hours of studying and stress.

Okay, now you can conquer anything. But first, get some sleep.

Let's face it, we're all Chandler Bing and Chandler Bing is us. Finals week is here my friends and I wish you all the best of luck! We need it. We really do need it.

Cover Image Credit: Playbuzz

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12 Things Every College Girl Thinks While Watching Insta Stories INSTEAD Of Studying For Finals

Might as well procrastinate in a different way this semester!


Time to study or better yet time to procrastinate and watch all the Instagram stories possible until the clock reaches midnight and you realize you have not gotten one thing done. We've all been there tapping through Instagram stories when we have had one of these thoughts that made us question why we continue to watch insta stories.

I can't tap fast enough

Sometimes there are just too many stories and not enough time.

No one cares what overplayed song you're listening to 

Seriously, stop we've all heard the song.

Why is this so long?

Why is your entire day videoed on your story?? Do you ever put your phone down?

What are they wearing??

We've all seen people wearing some questionable outfits on insta stories.

No one wants to ask you questions

Please stop posting your questions, just dm them privately to answer them.

What is the relevance of this caption?

Some captions just aren't meant for some images.

You're rich and popular we get it 

Stop flaunting your money or popularity we get it already.

Aww that's cute

Every dog and baby pic ever.

Stop reminding me of how single I am 

We don't need to be reminded of your engagement or boyfriend every 30 seconds, you love each other we know so stop posting it all the time.

No one cares about some strangers birthday Becky 

Posting a pic or 2 for your friends birthday but 10, come on really Becky?

No one cares about your sponsors 

Seriously stop trying to get us to buy stuff, we're broke.

It's game day, we get it 

We know it is game day, it's kind of a national thing, we don't need constant reminders.

So when will we learn to stop watching stories and put our phones down for some time?

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