It is almost graduation time. High school seniors are itching with senioritis and dying to spread their wings. They just have to get through one little step first: graduation.

In lieu of the big event, I have compiled a list of 8 things that I think are super helpful to keep in mind for graduation.


Whether it has to be white or not, you will not regret it when picture time comes and you don't have to worry about funky colors or see-through gowns.

2. Make your graduation party the same weekend as graduation.

If you are having a party and you are able to do this, DO IT. This was sooooo wonderful when I graduated. It is easier for the family to come for one weekend if they live far away than to try to make it for two weekends. And who doesn't love a party with the most people possible?!

3. Practice walking in your shoes.

I am not normally a heel or wedge wearer but for graduation, I decided to spice things up a bit. If you are not comfortable in the shoes you are wearing practice! I did not fall, but I was so concentrated on not falling that I couldn't enjoy the moment of getting my diploma. And you really don't want to fall in front of a huge crowd, do you?

4. Prepare for heat.

If your school is like mine, your graduation will be held in a packed gymnasium in 80-degree weather with no air conditioning. Accept the fact that weather could be an issue and plan accordingly!

5. Prepare for wind.

If your school has graduation outside, prepare for windy days. You don't want to be chasing your graduation cap around during the ceremony or trying to keep your hair in one place. Bring lots of bobby pins and bring a hair tie. Keep your hair and cap under control for the ceremony and then for pictures you can let it all down.

6. Let your parents take as many pictures as they want.

It might get annoying after the millionth picture, but understand that you are GRADUATING. This is a HUGE milestone and it only happens once (high school graduation, that is). Let them capture the moment because years from now you'll be grateful.

7. Talk to as many classmates as you can.

You may not realize it then, but graduation day might be the last time you see some of those people. Summer will begin and you and your close friends will be hanging out, but the normal everyday people from school won't be there.

8. Enjoy the moment.

This is the last time you will probably be at your high school. This is the last time for a lot of things. You need to enjoy this moment and not just wish it away. It is important to take it all in because soon enough you will be in college and it will all be over. Don't let this moment pass you by. This is your moment.

To all those graduating this year from an almost-sophomore in college: good luck and congratulations. You did it! Take it all in because it goes by fast. Embrace every moment you have and live it up with everyone from home while you can. You don't get these moments back!