Five Ways To Have Great Graduation Photos

5 Ways To Take Great Graduation Photos At ECU

You want to make sure that you have the best of the best photos to showcase to your family and friends.

Autumn Scales

Graduation is approaching and there are many things that come into play when it's finally time to end your journey. Pictures are one of the many important factors of graduation. They are so delicate and should be taken with care. You want to make sure that you have the best of the best photos to showcase to your family and friends.

Here at East Carolina University, I will give you the best five ways to take great graduation photos and the best places on campus to take them.

1. Wright Auditorium & Props

By Autumn Scales

Wright Auditorium is one of the most beautiful places on campus. The pillars of the building is what makes it gorgeous. My favorite pictures are at this location and they are to die for. Wright Auditorium is a great location along with having some good props to help make your pictures even more creative and original. Props can give your photos a fresh and vibrant look. It can spice them up and help accent you in your photos. Many people use confetti, glitter, pictures, books, etc. as their props. Try some and you will not regret it.

2. Walk way between Joyner Library & Main Student Center

By Autumn Scales

Another amazing place to take picture on campus is between Joyner Library and the Main Student Center. There are trees in this walk way that are very colorful and full. The pillars of Joyner Library are in this area as well, which can give a little more scenery to the background of the photos. Many people take photos at this spot and I've taken photos here as well, it is definitely lovely.

3. Sun is a key factor

By Autumn Scales

The sun is a huge factor for your graduation photos. The sun brings out the beauty in your skin, eyes and hair. Cloudy days aren't too bad, but the sunny days are better because it gives a better photo. The sun can also bring out the colors you wear. Colors like yellow, orange, pink and white will be even more focused on because the sun can do those beautiful colors justice.

4. ECU Letters

By Autumn Scales

The main student center has brought much scenery. There are three letters in front of the building that spell ECU. These letters are a plain, tan color and are huge. You can sit in the "c" or the "u" of the letters, which many people are doing for their graduation photos, including myself. The letters are a hit for graduation photos because you can do a lot with them, whether you're standing or sitting on the letters, they will be something to remember.

5. Outfits!

By Autumn Scales

Outfits, they are the main attraction for you photos, beside you. You want to wear something that compliments you and your frame, skin color and more. I had two outfits, a dress, and a regular ECU shirt and jeans. I wanted a formal look and casual look. Figuring out your outfits is key and can be a defining moment for your photos. Bringing your view together for your pictures through your apparel is essential.

Your graduation photos are important and this is a photo that you will keep for the rest of your life. It is a huge accomplishment and you are showcasing that accomplishment through your grace, beauty, handsomeness and more.

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