Graduation Day: To Those Who Got Me Here

Graduation Day: To Those Who Got Me Here

Just so you know, before I graduate...

It's crazy how quickly life passes. One minute, you're barely entering kindergarten. You're clinging to Mom's leg and are scared about whether or not she'll actually pick you up after school (she always did). The next minute, you're mere days away from your college graduation. Your cap is decorated and your gown is hung up in your closet, ready to be worn alongside several hundred other students who have gone on this journey with you.

But what we often don't realize is how the people around us are the reason we arrived at graduation. So this one goes out to the biggest cheerleaders in our lives: the people who got us to graduation

To Mom and Dad: Thank you for everything. You pushed me when I needed it and held my hand when I wasn't ready to let go. My opinion of you has changed for the better over the years and I wouldn't be where I am today without your constant love and support.

To my dearest roommates: You stayed with me through everything; dates that didn't work out, long nights, laughing so hard we cried, hosting Christmas parties, Welcome Weeks, and everything in between. Anybody who has lived with me and hasn't killed me deserves thanks, and you deserve that ten times over.

To the man who has my heart: I am better because of you. I have learned so much about myself and about life and love because I have had the privilege of having you in my life. You are extraordinary, and I pray that you never forget that.

To my best friends: You stuck it out with me. You have loved me when I was hardest to love and have celebrated with me when life was good. You stayed by my side through tears and laughter and hard decisions and funny moments we'll never forget. I don't know what I did to deserve you, but I'm glad I did it.

To the people I met along the way: Thank you for the lessons you have taught me. Whether it was to believe in myself or to not take everything so personally, each lesson from you made me better.

To the people who stood in the stands with me: We've cheered our hearts out. We've intimidated the competition beyond compare with nothing but our pure love and fierce loyalty to our school and our team. We will forever bleed purple, and we will forever throw our 'lopes up, and I can't thank you enough for letting me be part of that incredible camaraderie.

To the teachers who made a difference: Finding a teacher whose lessons stick with you is rare, and a teacher who is still invested in your life after so many years is even rarer, and I have had the privilege of both. Each of you has carved a special place in my heart and has shown me that teachers have the power to make all the difference in the world.

To those who will stand with me on graduation day: We have worked for this day for so many years. We have seen great teachers, bad teachers, hard projects, tests that made up 25% of our grade, all-nighters, homecomings, basketball games, and so many things in between, and we're finally here: the finish line. We made it here, and that's something no one can take away from us. In the wise words of Taylor Swift, "We are the Kings and the Queens. You traded your baseball cap for a crown. When they gave us our trophies, and we held them up for our town." This is our day, so breathe it in and make the most of it. Congratulations, class of 2017, we did it!!

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1. "Can I wear your shirt out tonight?"

2. "Does my hair look greasy?"

3. "We should probably clean tomorrow..."

4. "What should I caption this??"

5. "Is it bad if I text ____ first??"

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7. *Roommate tells an entire story* "Wait, what?"

8. "How is it already 3 AM?"

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13. "Why is there so much hair on our floor?"

14. "I think I'm broke."

15. "What do I respond to this?"

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17. "Why are we so weird?"

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49. "I love our room."

50. "What would I do without you guys???"

Cover Image Credit: Hannah Gabaldon

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To My High School Senior Self, With The Reassurance She Never Got

If only we could turn back time and just reassure ourselves that it will all be OK.


Dear Pre-Graduate Francesca,

This is it. You're graduating high school this week, and it all feels like it really isn't happening and that these past four years have really gone by in a blink of an eye. Well, that feeling is going to linger on graduation day and it is going to be the one time in your life that you actually feel like the moments are playing like a dream right before your eyes. You will cry while your sister does your hair ("I don't know why I'm crying right now, I think it's just hitting me all at once") and immediately regret not getting that spray tan to match your outfit. You'll feel great anyways, though, and you'll be super happy being around your friends that day, too.

Speaking of friends, you do not have to worry about your number one concern for college AT ALL. You're going to remain close with everyone you want to and even get closer with some of them. Some friends you won't see as much anymore but will definitely talk to them and meet up once in a while, and that is all that matters. You may even distance yourself from some of them with good purpose but even then things are awesome between you and them, and you even reconnect with an old bestie that you realize you can never live life without.

As you know, high school taught you to live in the moment because it all goes by so fast. Right now, I cannot believe my freshman year of college is already over. Your brain will start to think in "semester mode" rather than a 10-month school year calendar, and that comes along with looking at time from a college perspective. You don't even look at the date every day as much as you used to, but you really want to start because time seems to be going by faster now.

Here are some confessions I'm going to tell you to ease your worries: no you didn't go to a college party, you have made some friends you see keeping in touch with in the upcoming years, you're finding your place in different clubs and activities, you are in the right major and you will still have music in your academics somehow. You've had plenty of freak outs throughout the school year (as expected) and had your fair share of good and bad professors already. And as much as you wanted the spring semester to end, you already kind of miss it while writing this.

As much as you worry about it and everything else, you are right where you need to be at MSU. You may second-guess yourself every now and then about it, but you can't picture yourself anywhere else. You have decided to take musical theater as a minor, and you've never felt more excited about school than this. You're even considering drama school as a post-grad, so who knows what exciting things the future has in store?

I wish I could tell you to take in every last bit of high school. I wish I could tell you to forget about this crush you have now because it's not all you hoped it would be and you're going to feel something amazing down the line that you never have before. I wish I could tell you that you'll miss seeing all your friends every day more than anything, and to learn to appreciate that now. I wish I could tell you that you're going to go through some of the most insane and wonderful experiences you have ever gone through in your life within the next twelve months and that you're going to grow more than ever before. I wish I could tell you that you're not going to be able to imagine life as it were before, because you have gotten so close with certain people and you've experienced too much to ever want go back to how it all used to be. I wish I could tell you a lot of things, but that isn't how time- or life, for that matter- works.

As much as you'd hate to admit it, you'll miss LHS and your fellow classmates. You'll always wish you had a videotape of everything that has happened these past four years to look back on- good and bad. At least you have photographs, written letters, Snapchat memories, your friends and your recollections to help you out in the meantime.

All in all, you are going to be more than OK within a year's time. You'll still be overthinking every little detail about everything in your life, but you will still have your best friends and family to support you through it all. You're still you, Cesc, but becoming the best version of yourself each and every day.

High school was quite an adventure, but your next one is already turning out to be something else. Your graduation cap didn't let you down with that one — trust me. Congratulations!


Content College You :)

Cover Image Credit:

Francesca DiPisa

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