5 Of The Best Ways To Graduate College Early
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5 Of The Best Ways To Graduate College Early

Save time and money while still earning your degree.

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Although college is known for being the "best years of your life," many students would rather move on to the next chapter in life than waste time retaking classes in order to graduate. Some students want to continue to grad school, and others want to join the workforce. Ultimately, all students want to leave undergrad with the least amount of debt and student loans as possible. Graduating ahead of time is very appealing even though it may seem impossible. Here are 5 of the best ways to graduate from college early.

1. If you can, take college level courses while still in high school.

There are various ways to take college-level courses while still in high school. AP courses, dual enrolling, and taking a few classes at a community college are just a few ways to earn credits before stepping foot on any college campus.

2. Develop an academic plan.

Look at your intended major's plan of study and the courses you are required to take. Meet with your academic advisor and create a schedule to see how long you'd like to be in school.

3. Try testing out of introductory courses and any other courses.

Testing out of classes will allow the credit for those classes to be added to your transcript without having to sit in class. Taking a placement test can let you take advanced courses and earn credit from the classes you surpassed.

4. Take more classes each semester.

Taking extra classes could help you eliminate an entire semester- or year- from your senior year. Many colleges require students to take at least 12 credit hours each semester. Taking 15 or 18 credits can move your graduation date forward- just make sure you keep up with all of the work.

5. Take classes over the summer.

Take a few courses over the summer will help lessen your load during the school year, and can help boost your GPA between academic school years.

"It's so important to understand your good attendance ups your chances of graduating." – Tyra Banks
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