A Letter To The A I Didn't Get

School can be tough. We go through great barriers inside and outside of the classroom. We sometimes make simple mistakes in our classes and sometimes errors that affect our grades tremendously. The worst of it all is feeling torn by a grade to which you don't think you deserve.

To the teacher that didn't give in and give me the A, thank you.

Sometimes it is easy to use communication to reflect on where you went wrong. However, sometimes that communication does not always work. In many classes, I have made silly errors that were easily forgiven. I will never forget though the silly errors I made that was not. Looking back, I despised my teacher for not giving me an A. I knew we both knew I deserved one based on the relentless effort and work ethic I put into the class, but this teacher never budged. Instead, I now realize that teacher had implemented a greater lesson for me to learn. It wasn't about giving me the A to keep a good record, it was about making me realize that in life silly errors are not something that can be forfeited. I learned that I cannot go through life hoping that others will vouch for me, even when it's a simple mistake. I need to be aware of my silly errors and learn how to handle them by moving forward and progressing. So, thank you to the teacher who stood their ground. At the time, I really despised you for not being able to see my hard work, but now I understand what you were doing was for the greater good.

Ever since that day, I had less silly errors and more challenges to overcome.


The student you helped

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