Grad Party Apparel 101
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Grad Party Apparel 101

Grad Party Apparel 101

Grad party season! This means three things: good food, old friends and an excuse to dress up every weekend in the spring. 

While all three of these things are vital components of post graduation festivities, being a non-new graduate, only one of them is really on you: what to wear.

You never know who will be there and to what level of impression is needed. The most common dilemma is finding a happy medium between too casual and trying too hard. As sorority girls, we describe it as the infamous, “snappy cas”. But, we also know this has about five billion different definitions. So, what exactly is “grad party cas”? For girls, this is an opportunity to wear that summer dress that is too much for a beach day and not enough for a wedding. Go with something cute, comfortable and crisp. Springtime calls for the cutest outfits of the year, in my opinion. Also, you are never going to make more first impressions than on those Saturdays when there are five open houses at which your attendance is mandatory.            

Depending on Michigan, on any given weekend throughout the spring, the weather is a large initial deciding factor. If it’s going to be 80 degrees, the last thing your navy chinos want is the sun beating down on them while you bake and socialize at the same time. Comfort is the deciding factor in whether you make a point of actually attending the party or merely showing up for a quick (and sweaty) “congrats.”            

Next, shoes. The question of every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and the occasional Tuesday rears its’ painful head. Heels? Sometimes they seem daunting, but can put the perfect edge on that outfit that needs a little extra something. Thank goodness it’s wedge season. Walking in peoples’ yards in stilettos is a nearly impossible feat. Bonus: strappy wedges are the most popular – and most comfortable – elevated shoes for the summer.          

So, think stripes and primary colors. The dresses in pastels. This is country club chic and think “snappy cas” second day of recruitment. It’s the pastel purple, mid-thigh, sleeveless cotton dress. It’s the high waisted cotton shorts paired with a long necklace and if you’re feelings daring – and graceful – wedges. It’s the navy and white maxi dress with brown braided sandals. It’s the white polka-dot capris with a button down and Sperrys. It’s the teal, flowing dress with a statement necklace. It’s the colored jeans and racer-back tank top with strappy sandals. It’s the collared royal blue dress. It’s the floral skirt and contrast top.  

For guys, these days call for all out fratiness. Flaunt those pastel chubbies you’ve been waiting to sport all winter and your button ups. You can’t go wrong with the classic Sperrys and Croakies to tie it all together. For guys, “snappy cas” has a pretty universal definition. 

 So, dress like you’re inner sorority girl wants you to because this is your time of the year to shine. And if all else fails, always remember to wear your class. Show these grads what college can do for you.

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