Saying goodbye to an important chapter in your life can be the hardest thing imaginable. For me, I said farewell to the dance practices and a studio that I called my second home. The nightly practices, my dance friends, dress rehearsals, and of course the fabulous costumes, have all become of parts my past.

They will remain parts of my past that no matter how many times I try to pick up dance again, nothing will ever compare. Often times when I hear a song that I danced to, happy memories flood my mind and I can still do parts of the choreography in my head.

There is something so special about the life of a dancer that anyone who has been blessed to be one in this world understands to what I refer. Unlike a basketball player, I practiced for hours each week anticipating the three dance recitals at the end of the school year. All of my hard work was reduced to a four minute performance, and I would not have wanted it any other way.

I became one unit with the other girls in my class, dancing and executing choreography perfectly in order to create an image or story on stage. I can still remember performing my last dance on stage with my class, just amazed how far we have come.

From small toddlers dancing to their own beat to a synchronized unit able to convey the message of the song through movements, I was so proud of our accomplishments as a class. I was thankful for the wonderful teachers who pushed us each class to become the best dancers we could. I was appreciative of the parents who drove me to every practice, photo day, dress rehearsal, and dance recital.

Most importantly, I was forever grateful to dance for it gave me friends for life.

For the 14 years that I danced, I was able to develop talents and characteristics that were only possible because of dance. My senior solo was a bittersweet moment where I had to say goodbye to a hobby that I loved so much.

Although I will never be back in the studio on a weeknight with the same girls and teachers, I still have all the memories with me.