Throughout my freshman year of college, I really gravitated toward a new appreciation for men and women who wear a uniform, whether in the Military, Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, etc. In my high school graduating class, I know several people who were going into the armed forces, that I constantly pray for and try to keep up with their journeys. Part of me grew a special place for soldiers. And because of their daily sacrifices, I can't help but share how thankful they make me feel!

Fearless, poetically written by Eric Blehm, is about a man named Adam Brown. Blehm shares Adam's stories of his drug addiction, redemption through Christ Jesus, family life, and his journey as a Navy Seal. We all have addictions of some kind, and we all have ways of overcoming. For Adam, he had friends around encouraging him toward going into the armed forces as a way of fighting through unwanted compulsion of drugs. In the times he felt compelled toward drugs, he would be transparent about it with his wife and closest friends, who would reassure and solace him through it. In the final chapter, army buddies recalled memories of Adam, one soldier friend honoring him, "Adam was the rarest of and truest of warriors in that he combined fierce and unwavering resolve on the battlefield with deep and genuine compassion off of it."

If I had to rate this book out of 5 stars, I'd give it the full 5 stars! Within this biography, we become part of Adam's story, watching as he goes through the leaps and bounds of his life. There are heartbreaking moments, but also great victories. Adam considered serving his country his duty, which he did not take lightly.

Toward the beginning, as Adam had slipped into his drug addictions and bad reputation, his parents had begun seeking after the Lord, and trusting Him to take care of the situation in faith, when they couldn't take care of him.

Something that stood out to me more than anything was Adam writing his family letters as he would be across the country in war territories. During Christmastime while Adam was in another country he wrote to his family, "How blessed we are to have what we have. I hope everyone realizes how fortunate our large united family is. Meeting the hundreds of people I meet reminds me of it all the time. Don't be sad for me this time of the year because you are all right here with me, you are the people I believe in, the ones I look up to, and you guys are never far away."

Something definitely wild is realizing people look up to you. Adam was completely humble, and did not complain when he would get his fingers cut off or his eye damaged, or even the endless years of training he endured. On one account, Adam's teammates awarded him as he moved SEAL teams, with a poem they called, "The Ballad of Adam Brown." They all looked up to him.

Through the stories Eric Blehm depicts, my admiration grows toward families of men and women in the armed forces. Its twists and turns create empathetic responses… Honestly, I've recommended this book to many people, and I still will! Even though it has taken me years to read, I thoroughly enjoyed the journey it took me through. Anyone who picked up this book would enjoy it!