The Good News

Today's media seems to be consumed by stories of loss, devastation, tragedy, crime, and disaster. Turning on the news in the morning or evening with a hand covering my eyes has become a daily occurrence as I fear what might come up. I'm sure many others feel this way too and are pretty distraught with the current situations our society is facing. These feelings prompted me to go on a mission to find something good happening in the world. Something kind, funny, happy, lighthearted, just anything good. I know, mission impossible right? Well luckily I was wrong because I stumbled upon a website called Good News Network ( This site is specifically dedicated to reporting on good news and good news only. Stories that will make you laugh, smile, and restore some faith in humanity. I literally felt better within minutes of scrolling through articles. There are stories to read, talks to listen to, and even a tab for story submissions. Now I know that the news is very important and the issues going on around the world today are very real and serious. However, when you just need a break from hearing only bad news, this is the place to go. I have a little more confidence in us as humans after visiting this site and definitely will be checking back consistently to brighten my day.

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