Friends are great assets to life. They have the ability to make you come to life and give you the best and worst memories that you'll ever make in life. BUT, there's a difference between friends and a best friend, then what makes a GOOD best friend. I'm going to tell you what makes a good best friend, in my opinion, hopefully, you can agree.

1. Friends Never Judge

If you make a poor decision, then yeah, you know that you've made a poor decision that many people would not approve of. You feel bad and you're judging yourself, but when telling your best friend, you do not want them to judge you and they shouldn't. No one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, but your best friend should not judge you and make the situation worse. Of course, they will not agree with somethings, but judging you is not what you need at that time. Friends never judge.

2. Through Thick & Thin

There will not always be sunny skies within a friendship and that shouldn't be expected. There will be times where you and your best friend may not speak for a while due to a misunderstanding or poor communication. A best friend should be there regardless of any conflict. If you can give up within a friendship because of something you don't like or your best friend doesn't like is shallow. Dig beyond the surface and remember this is your friend, be there through thick & thin. This includes more than conflicts. It includes being there emotionally, mentally, physically and sometimes spiritually (depending on if the person is a spiritual being).

3. Match That Energy

This is the core of a friendship. A best friend who matches your energy is quite needed in your life. If you have someone who can be as goofy & silly with you, then keep them in your life. Life is all about the adventures that it brings, whether it's good or bad. Having someone who doesn't make you feel stupid for quoting White Chicks or Bring It On is essential because that means they love you for who you are.

4. Trust!

A good best friend is someone who you know that you can trust. If you feel as though you have to be sneaky with your best friend about anything, then that's not your best friend. You want to make sure that you both have built a solid trust foundation with each other because it goes a long way. If you can't tell your best friends your deepest, darkest secrets, then why & how are you all BEST friends? Trust is the bridge for many unspoken things.

5. Loyalty

It was only right that I followed up with loyalty after trust. A good best friend is someone who's loyal to you. If you have to choose between your best friend and a new friend who talks trash about your best friend, what are you going to do? Loyalty is big for friendships and a lot of them do not have this element. A good best friend will have your back to the fullest.

I have such a wonderful best friends and I am truly thankful for them because they have shown me these elements that I've listed above. It's important to have someone in your corner that you can confide in and know that they will always have a special place in your heart. There are many things that make a good best friend a good best friend, so what makes yours a good one?