The reward will always outweigh the heartbreak

Regardless of what title you want, deciding to go into medicine is something to be proud of. Going into medicine is not something that everyone understands but for the ones that do, it's something they will never question.

Going into the medical field requires a tremendous amount of sacrifice. Going into medicine means giving more than you have. It means going to more school. It means going into more debt. It means missing out on memories because you're too busy studying. It means giving up sleep. It means making a sacrifice that not everyone can give.

But going into the medical field will always give more than it can take. It gives you a tremendous sense of accomplishment. It gives you relationships. It gives you the power to save lives. It gives you purpose, understanding, and motivation. It gives you the opportunity to change the world, to really make a difference.

Going into medicine will test your belief in God. It will test your character, your morals, and ethics. It will bring out sides of you that scare you.

It will change you and what you believe in.

But going into medicine will also make you believe in God. It will build your character and bring outside of you that inspires you, that inspire others.

It will change your life in ways you can't even begin to imagine.

Going into medicine will make you feel a million emotions in the span of just minutes. There will be times where you breakdown sobbing asking God why. But there will also be days that make you so happy that it's indescribable. Practicing medicine makes you feel alive. It's an addiction. It's something we couldn't imagine our lives without and that is why we chose to go into medicine.

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