8 Ways Going Home For The Holidays Can Be Stressful!

We all know that, the first time meeting "the family" can be one for the books....or one for the ole stress ball; you choose. I love my boyfriend, but thinking about spending an entire week with them, makes me a bit nervous! Is my hair alright? Do these jeans say "i don't care" or "i dressed up especially for all of you?"...and to go with that, here are 8 reasons you might be freaking out.

1. You entirely are not familiar with his family yet…

You wanna get there!!! but sadly you're just not quite there yet...a few more talks with Grandpa James and you'll know the entire history by the time they cut the turkey.

2. You kinda miss your own thanksgiving traditions...

And it's not that you're open to new things or ways of doing such, it's just you kinda like your own families ways.

3. Do you prepare a dish? If so, WHAT?!?

Do I bring my own sweet potato pie? artichoke dip?! stuffing?! What entirely is my job here?!

4. How often is too often to ask if they need any help with the meal?!

I don't want it to seem like I won't ask if they do, but...how many times is too many after they say "Oh we got it!" ??

5. The  "who are you" and "where are you from again?" questions...

Yeah, hi I'm ____'s partner and I'm from ____, studying ____.

6. How long do I have to stay in my Thanksgiving outfit for?

Usually in my family were out and in sweats, in under a couple hours. What if this is an all-day gig?

7. Do you guys watch the thanksgiving football game??? that’s been a huge tradition for my family, for decades

I am super competitive…hope they like that

8. How many pumpkin pies do y'all go through?

There's a no limit rule in my household...and I'm just curious if it's the same for y'all?

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