Going Home For The First Time After Leaving For Your Freshman Year Of College

Going Home For The First Time After Leaving For Your Freshman Year Of College

So, when can I see my dog again?

Abby Amundson

College is a time for a fresh start and lots of fun, but everybody gets a little homesick, especially if you're more than a 15-minute drive away like me.

I recently got to go home for the first time after 2 months and see everything that I've left behind. After months of adjusting to new places and faces, going back to what used to be your "normal" and "old life" can seem almost foreign.

Although not much has changed on the outside, your hometown isn't where you live anymore. It's almost like you're on the outside looking in--you've changed since you've been to school, but everything at home seems the same. How strange is it to have to pack a bag full of things to go to your house?

Everything seemed almost natural and easier when you lived at home, whether it was school or just knowing what you were doing. Don't you miss the days where you could actually go to bed before midnight?!

It almost seems like your bed in your dorm is more comfortable than the one in your room now, but it's nice finally remembering what your house smelled like and having a home cook meal for once--a break from dining hall food is a necessity for all college students. Not to mention your parents are more inclined to buy you things "for your dorm" and who can say no to not spending money?!

Time at home gives you time to really reflect on what's been going on around you for the past months, and you can see all of the things that you've taken for granted. The comfort and accessibility of things you don't always have anymore.

Seeing your high school friends for the first time in months is one of the best feelings--it's so nice to have a break from all of the small talk that many college conversations consist of and skip right to catching up.

Remember the night before you left and all of the endless hugs and tears between your childhood friends? Well, saying goodbye never gets easier.

Although you will learn to value your college friendships, the people who have seen you grow and have changed alongside you are no longer a five-minute drive away. However, the reunion with your dog is the most anticipated--seriously, how are you supposed to go an entire school year without unlimited cuddles?!

Even though I don't live there full-time or roam the streets with my friends, the place where I grew up is irreplaceable and will forever hold a special place in my heart. Every road, lake, park, and the street has a special memory that affected the person who I've become today.

Although it's fun to be away and experience new things, it is nice to take a break and become reacquainted with the familiarity.

After all, there's no place like home.

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