I am impatient. I hate not knowing what is going to happen in my future. If I had one wish, it would probably to see what my life is going to look like when I'm 35. I want to know who I'm going to marry, how many kids I have (if I have any at all), what kind of job I am going to have, where I'm going to live, etc... But I don't get to do that. The more I think about it, the more I would rather wait for something great than settle for something good now. We just have to trust God's timing for every aspect of my life.

I have always believed that God has a very specific reason for every problem that we face. I think that the problems we face do not compare to the joy to come, and that tough situations result in stronger people. I also believe that the troubles we face come at a certain time for a reason. I don't know why allows good people to die young, but I'd like to think its because He needed them in Heaven for something far greater than anything down on earth. But what about the rest of us who have to wait for God's plan to play out? I'll tell you what I think.

We have to turn to God.

With all the election politics, world hunger, and Women's March business, I honestly wonder why God doesn't just come back and fix everything for us now. Why doesn't God come back now? Why isn't it time for him to return yet? I think it is because he is in no hurry. He has all the patience in the world (literally), but I don't think he is being slow. We need to turn away from all the violence going on in the world, and turn to Jesus. God is holding the door to salvation open until the gospel is heard to the ends of the earth, so we need to turn to him and get to sharing the good news! God will come when we don't expect him. So we should grow in grace day by day, depending on Him, as we wait for him to come make the world right.

We have to have trust God.

A lot of times, I feel like God isn't listening to/answering my prayers. And honestly, it tests my trust in Him. But the Bible says you become like that in which you trust. If I put my trust in worldly things by trying to find answers on my own, then my spiritual life will probably be pretty dull. However, if I trust in God, then I will be filled with life and hopefully become more like him. God helps his people, and the more I try to become like him, the more assurance I have in knowing I am one of his people. Depending on God can be difficult, but if you put your trust in Him, the outcome will probably be worth the wait.

We need to thank God.

Do you ever walk outside and think, "God is so awesome. The same person who created all of these beautiful things also made me." You should. Everything we have comes from the Lord. Literally everything. He is in control of when we take our last breath on earth, when loved ones go on to be with Him, and even things as small as when we spill a cup of coffee. It is hard to thank God in the midst of a tragedy, but there really is good in everything- and for that we owe thanks to Him. God gives us many gifts. Whether or not we realize it, He provides much more than spiritual gifts. He blesses us with talents, good looks, a family, friends, physical abilities, the list goes on an on. Anything we succeed in in life does not come from our own talents, but from talents that God gives us. So the first feeling that we feel after doing something good is not to be proud or boastful, but thank God for giving you the ability to rise above and complete the task. And that is harder said than done. I don't think that humility is acting like you don't have things that you actually have, but proudly giving thanks to whom it is due for what you do have. After all, God is good all the time; and all the time God is good. And we need to acknowledge that.

You might pray that God heals you from heartache; Turn to Him to heal it with time.

You might pray that God allows you to get married. You might be 27 and not married yet, but trust his timing.

You might lose your car keys and end up being late for work. You also might have missed a wreck that you could have been in had you not lost your keys. Thank Him for his timing...

Whatever God does, it is for the best. I don't believe it is in his nature to intentionally withhold things from us. So when you're feeling like He may never answer your prayers, believe in His timing.