God of Musician Platform Introduction
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God of Musician Platform Introduction

G.O.M opens a new NFT+DAO+DeFi trading platform for digital music collections.

God of Musician Platform Introduction

G.O.M copied the Billboard chart, which is the most authoritative single chart in America. It creates the ‘Godboard chart’ of the Metaverse music industry.

G.O.M opens a new NFT+DAO+DeFi trading platform for digital music collections.

By applying a decentralized financial ecosystem to the music industry and providing a route for music producers to secure the necessary funds, investors, musicians and fans can own music copyrights they love. It also provides a platform to launch the first NFTs that support music copyrights.

Apply for the registration on the platform

> Complete registration

> Free NFT conversion and ‘One-click’ registration on the platform

> Free streaming

> Staking on your favorite music with GOM tokens

> The GodBoard 100 chart is made of the music recommended list

> Rewards varies with the ranking / Rewards are paid even if not entering the chart

> The musician’s profit will be made by staking

> Able to receive an additional staking and rewards by predicting movement in the chart / Prevent doctoring the chart

> Allow to trade and auction NFTs


GOM tokens can only be found with GMiner except for airdrop events.

After the official launch, there will be no GOM token distribution and supply until listing on the exchanges.

You could receive a lot of rewards with the airdrop and staking but also get additional tokens through mining NFTs. The profit will increase several times more.

Gminer has a total of three grades. It accords stamina for each grade.

You can mine tokens equal to a certain amount of stamina each day.

The total daily supply of all Gminer will be 200,000 GOM tokens.

In addition, the number of Gminer sales will be limited by the mining quantity.

A white-list and update will take place soon.

Key points

1. Anyone could convert mp3 file to NFT and register it with a click

- No need for individual copyright registration and distribution

- It is possible to check the period and registration of the musician's work by smart contract

- Platform mechanism allows you to unveil your talents to numerous users

2. Voting System – The major concept of the project

- A process in which users directly verify and make a list of songs

- There might be a lot of songs and the rewards varies according to the rank. Therefore if you make a success of prediction, the rewards will increase.

- Musicians might work harder to present better quality music to receive more choices.

- Predictive staking is carried out to prevent doctoring the chart

- If you make a success of predicting the changes in the chart, the reverse dividends are possible.

- As the voting is repeated, the more registration and examination will be made automatically. The ecosystem will be eventually formed.

- Based on these, we plan to present a block-chain billboard chart “GodBoard 100”

3. Rewards - Rewards must be received and loss free

- Rewards are generated for all staking conducted with GOM tokens

- No token loss due to dropping in rank after staking

- Differentiation of rewards whether it is part of the rankings or not / Automatic selection of a profitable sound sources

- Musicians get rewards with a certain amount of tokens staked after registration of the music NFT.

(Differentiation from the income distribution system of the past music industry, preservation of their profits)

4. GOM Token - Ecosystem Components

- Voting rights can be exercised even if you hold the minimum amount staking

- The standard obtaining token will be paid with airdrop

- Purchase/sale is impossible until listing on an international exchange

- Tokens received free of charge through airdrops can be used to generate revenue

5. GMiner - Limited Edition

- The only way to generate GOM tokens

- Creation of additional opportunities in addition to rewards through staking voting

- You can increase your profits as much as you want with tokens mined every day

- Discount purchase benefits only for whitelist winners

- Of course, the sale is limited quantity.

- The total amount of mining for all Gminers is limited to 200,000 per day.

6. GOM's own exchange

Currently, NFT transactions are generally conducted on exchanges with people using a specific network and wish to purchase.

If there is a problem with the exchange, there may be problems with transactions between individuals. The gas fee for using exchange will be charged depends on the network.

It is not as easy as you think about making transactions on a decentralized platform.

Demand, supply, and security must be prepared first, and decentralized transactions must be made rather than centralized.

We selected Polygon network because of the faster process and lower fee are important.

GOM is making functions in the platform itself so that musicians and users can conveniently trade and auction.

No one needs to use any other platform or other network to transfer.

As shown in the whitepaper, G.O.M aims for a full chain, and we are already preparing for an all-in-one service in the platform.

GOM is an exchange where the musicians may reveal their hidden values and other users may examine several times for the verification. It guarantees the fair profit distribution without any interference.

*Full chain: First, support for Polygon chain, then support for main networks such as ETH, BSC etc.

If these mechanisms and ecosystems are activated and registered on international exchanges, their scalability and development potential will be much greater.

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