As college is quickly approaching I have been thinking of a few goals I would like to achieve when I head back to school. Here is a list of a couple things that I would like to take advantage of and think that you should, too!

1. Take advantage of the gym or exercise classes.

It is super important no matter how healthy or fit you are to get some exercise. Plan around your classes and extracurriculars to go to the gym or take a fitness class. Just thirty minutes a day will make a huge impact on your overall wellness. Your college years are the most important time to exercise, as it shapes your future body and health. Plus, you will not have free access to a gym or fitness classes once you graduate college, so you might as well take advantage while you still can!

2. Stay organized.

Write all of the assignments and dates of exams coming up in your schedule in a planner. Do not trust that you will remember everything that your professor has assigned you to do. It takes just a few minutes out of your day to write down all of the tasks you have to accomplish. It will save you a lot of stress, too.

3. Get on a regular sleeping schedule.

No matter how tempting it can be to watch your favorite Netflix show past midnight, it is super important to get some rest. Try your best to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day. When you do, you will feel well-rested and be ready to start the day.

4. Attend Mass.

This is different for everyone based on their religious beliefs. Since I am Catholic, it is important to me to attend Mass every Sunday. Though there are times that I want to make an excuse to not go, it is super important to take an hour out of every Sunday to attend. I feel much better every time I go.

5. Use all of your meal swipes.

Whether you are hungry or not, eating is super important, especially when you are in school. Your body needs food to go about your daily activities, and your brain needs food to function correctly and absorb information. Not only is it important for your health, but using your meals really is getting your money's worth. Really try and eat at least three meals a day.

6. Get ahead on work.

It is so hard not to procrastinate with all of the distractions at school. You will want to constantly spend time with friends or even just take a break and relax. But you are going to college to learn and succeed. Go to the library or a quiet location to study and get work done before, in between or after your classes. You will thank yourself at the end of the day when others are last minute just starting their work and you are already done for the day.

7. Stay positive.

Not all days are going to go the way that you wanted them to. When you don't get the grade you wanted on that test you have been studying for all week or forget to do a homework assignment, remind yourself that it is okay. No one is perfect and you are not always going to have the best days. Just brush it off and stay positive!