I am fortunate enough to say that I have more than one best friend - I actually have many!

But, the best friend I'm about to write about I have only known for a year. I met her at my current job and we didn't become friends right away until we were in the same yoga class at college. Plus, on my birthday, I was working and she was not but she came and brought me cupcakes at work - the frosting was my two favorite colors; blue and green, and they were actually gorgeous. Right then and there I was like, yup we're friends.

I mean who doesn't love cupcakes?

We became closer through yoga as well laughing at each other about how we could do none of the poses beside the corpse, which was like taking a nap. Now she is like my go-to girl half the time. We go out and get food way too much with each other, she listens to my problems, and I listen to hers. We talk crap about people when necessary and we always have each other's backs.

We are literally laughing all the time - it's great. We are both equally weird and embrace it. We also tend to boost each other's self-confidence, which is what best friends are supposed to do, right? With Christmas right around the corner, I obviously bought her stuff, and can't wait to give her presents (even though she has notified me how terrible I am at it because I think I have told her half of them). I can't help it I like making people happy and I think she will love them all.

She has been there for me in my highs and lows and when my family and I had to move, I was kinda far away from all my other friends to just be like, "Hey let's go get food." I couldn't do that anymore but luckily, because of my job, I met her and so many more great people. I will be forever grateful for that.

Unfortunately, she is leaving me soon to go to college and to better her future. Who am I kidding? That's not unfortunate at all; I mean it kind of is for me, but she is going on to bigger and better things. I am so proud of her and I know she will do great in her future endeavors. I'm gonna miss her, but we need to both live our lives to the fullest. We have had so much fun and made so many memories in the littlest amount of time, and i'm happy with that. I know we're gonna visit each other as much as we can and we will FaceTime, and text, and Snapchat - all of it, as long as we keep in touch for a long time, I'm cool with that.

I think a lot of people have overlooked her throughout her life, or never actually took the time to know her like I did, because I tell you this: she is a great person and whoever messes with her has to deal with me (just saying). I just appreciate her and am sad she is leaving but, also ecstatic for her. Maybe some of our memories will make you laugh like we do! Just appreciate all the friends you have in your life and always take pictures to capture the memories or funny videos, so you can always look back in laugh over it!