“The Stop Light”

So this devotion is what started me writing this whole book. I was driving home after finishing grocery shopping at Walmart when i stopped at a red light and God have me some advice. As I watched the light go from red to yellow to green to yellow to red, it occurred to me that life is like a stop light. We are always in the mode of going , slowing down , or stopping. Each color spoke to me and taught me something about life.


STOP doubting yourself

STOP telling yourself that you can’t

STOP telling yourself that you are not beautiful

STOP limiting your dreams and capability


SLOW DOWN and look around and smell every smell that life gives you

Make a TO DO list so that each thing on that list you do with all your heart

SLOW DOWN and take an hour of your day to read your bible/listen to worship music/look back throughout your life and tell God how thankful you are/reflect on yourself and think of way to better yourself/be thankful you breath every morning you wake up , that you have family and friends, that you live in the in the land of the free and home of the brave.


GO try a new activity

GO explore a new part of your town

GO try new types of food that you have never had before

GO chase your dreams