Places You Must Go During Your Spring Break

Places You Must Go During Your Spring Break

Make your spring break worthy with one of these destinations.


Spring break is the perfect week to relax and forget about the overwhelming stress that school causes. If you love traveling, then take this opportunity to go out and explore around. Check out one of these places for your upcoming break.

The Bahamas

The Bahamas are one of the best places to visit during spring break from gorgeous beaches to huge golf courses. They have everything you can imagine from food tours to snorkeling. The Bahamas is a luxurious location to stop at.


Some of the best things to do in Cancun are spending time at the beach. Especially when it comes to nightlife, travelers are always down for the fun at bars and parties. The area is also known for their cultural activities like Chichen Itza. Make sure to check out their art museums.

South Padre Island

Don't think this tiny island town isn't a good place to visit during spring break. They have activities including fishing, swimming, surfing, boating, and many more. Check out Schlitterbahn Beach Waterpark when you are there, you would't want to miss out on the warm weather and the kid friendly water park.


Jamaica is fill with adventurous things to do, you won't find yourself ever getting bored. Take a stroll down the beach or hike up a mountain. Take a trip to underwater worlds and play some golf while you are there.

Puerto Rico

Thinking about going to Puerto Rico for spring break? It's a great area to explore. Their attractions range from underground caves to old walls. Of course there's beaches there for the water loving travelers.

Las Vegas

Everyone knows the saying whatever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. This is one of the hotspot tourist places in America so it's worth the trip to go to for spring break. Although there's not a beach to relax at, there are many pools you can find to dip into. If you are of legal age, make sure to hit up the clubs and gamble some money away. Just be cautious with your money.

Dominican Republic

Check out Punta Cana for a wild time out during spring break. It is located on the eastern part of the Dominican Republic and one of the most popular islands in the Caribbean. Their weather is perfect for this time of year and they have many huge resorts to stay at.

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