When you go out into the adult world, you think your life will pan out as it does in all of those movies and T.V shows. You graduate, you get into your choice of Uni, you graduate again(on time), find your dream job and then everything that comes after is all a piece of cake. I mean as long as you stick to your "super-solid" plan, then nothing can really affect your "perfect" timeline, right?

Well, hate to break it to you but unfortunately, that isn't always the case. Well, for me specifically, things have not gone according to the regular plan from point A to Z. My "plan" has definitely skipped a few letters here and there, it's even thrown in some random poop emojis in there just for fun. But hey, at least looking back on how my life has been going, I really wouldn't change any part of it because I am actually Ok with where I am now and where I seem to be headed (fingers crossed).

A lot of the time when we are thrust into the world of being an adult, we are all forced into this notion that you need to follow a certain path in order to be and feel successful in your life. That can seriously mess up a person's view of themselves pretty early on if you need a reference on that, I am living proof of that self-deprecating person. When I first started my adult life, I went into things with the plan I was told growing up during my primary school years. Plan to attend the University of my choice, because I will get into it, attend and graduate in an allotted time, become very successful.

So, you can already guess when I didn't get into the first university I applied to and took longer than expected to get through school, and still now working on my degree, while not being this crazy successful person I had dreamed of being. It was pretty heartbreaking, and I dove into a major funk, which to be honest, I am finding myself at times still trying to get out of it.

Though, as time has passed and I have been able to take my life by the reigns, I noticed that this perfect timeline is not for everyone, especially me. I have come to accept that my perfect timeline is just taking each bump in the road as they come. Instead of comparing myself to those who seem to have their lives mapped out so perfectly, I have decided to step back and really figure out what I needed.

In doing so, I furthered my education on my own time, gained experience in my field, traveled and rediscovered my passions. I can now look at myself in the mirror and not focus on how far I am from reaching my original goals and timelines compared to those around me. Now I can see how far I have come in my own time and how I am more confident in myself.

So to really break it down, this forced perception of who you are and what you need to be doing, it's simple. Don't plan your life according to other peoples expectations. That will only lead to disappointment and a crumbling foundation in your own self-confidence. Trust the process and work hard, things will turn out the way they are supposed to when they are supposed to.

You've got this.