Gnash has gained a fanbase starting off with his big hit “I hate u I love u” getting so much radio play that he announced on twitter that it had recently went gold in the U.S. charts. Gnash is similar to artists like Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara according to his Spotify page. The single is listed the most listened to on his Spotify with over 200,000,000 streams, this is the single from his last album called “us” which was released March 25th,2016. That last album was released only four months before this album called “me” which isn't too shocking because those songs are labeled as singles from 2015 as well, the album was released July 5th, 2016. these three albums connect directly because the first one is named “U” the second one “Us” and the third “Me” and he connects all of them when he announces his tour called “The Me, U, and Us tour”.

The album has a very relaxed overall vibe, the sound gnash usually goes for. Gnash is a very unique artist, because he has a sound that I haven't really heard before. It reminds me of rap but much, much softer, more relaxed, and has more lyrical depth than rap normally has. He talks about a lot of situations regarding love that teens can relate to, Feelings that people feel in their youth while experiencing love, lust, and breakups. That's actually what drew me in personally, being able to relate to a song on such a personal level. He combines a bit of a hip hop beat with soft vocals giving off a very relaxed vibe but not to a point where it sounds too sad.

One song that stood out to me was the one named “One song” because it's a little different than the rest with an upbeat acoustic sound. In this song he talks about wanting to leave a party and spend time with ‘her’. It's a cute song talking about just wanting to spend time with that person, it's relatable because we’ve all liked someone to the extent of doing everything you could to spend time with them. I liked the happy vibe of this song because it is the type of song that could put you in a happy mood with the happy toned acoustic guitar and his typical soft vocals, with more singing rather than his typical spoken word/rap style. It also has a happier tone in lyrics because he's just gushing about how much he wants to leave and just spend time with her, a very heartwarming type of song.

The most played song off of this album is a song called “Feelings fade” with 2,900,271 streams being his number six most streamed on Spotify. The overall understanding of what he’s talking about is directly said “feelings fade when people change”. This is a theme that is very relatable because it's talking about realizing the one person that you truly believed was “the one” really wasn't the one. He talks about how fake friends and fake love are a waste of time/life which is something I think a lot of people can agree with. He also acknowledges the fact that there is a fear that exists about being able to handle being without that one person whom you believed at one point was the one for you, and a fear about not being okay.

The thing I love about Gnash is that he is very blunt and open lyrically, and for me the things he talks about are so relatable. The thing that makes him unique is he’s able to talk about these topics in his songs without coming off as depressing, he hits it in a way that is still calming and catchy. If I was to have to put a label on the type of music he’s producing I’d say it was a mixture of R&B, rap, and pop. if you enjoy indie music, with such a unique sound such as Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara, Hoodie Allen, etc. you’ll like Gnash! I highly recommend listening to this album even if you’re not usually into rap because it's much different than rap.