Globalization Might Cause a World War

People assume that a war with North Korea is unthinkable due to globalization, but globalization might be the reason why a war with North Korea could happen. At first, people believe war with North Korea is unthinkable because war could disrupt a globalized world that everyone mostly benefits from. For example, America theoretically cannot go to war with North Korea because it is technically allied with China whom America has a strong economic connection with. If war with North Korea happens, then the war could disrupt the relationship between China and America which is why the countries supposedly work to deter one another. However, globalization does not automatically mean peace. America uses globalization to formulate connections with other countries for the purpose of arms building. For that, they utilize globalization to garner enough power to bypass the constraints of the international institutions. America will go to war with North Korea because they use globalization to increase their own power through arms sales and bypassing international institutions.

America formulates connections with other countries for the purpose of arms sales. The Trump administration is set to loosen regulations for arms sales between defense contractors and other countries. For this reason, other countries would have to rely on America in order to get high quality arms. For instance, Japan paid over $133 million to America for anti missile technology. Other countries have the benefit of America not only giving them high quality arms, but also paying for them. For instance, America paid for the THAAD system in South Korea. South Korea already paid $800 million a year to maintain American military presence in the country, so America paying for THAAD is more like an exchange of gratitude. As more countries have to rely on America to guarantee security, they would have to support America's agenda of "freedom." Both Japan and South Korea have to support America's agenda in order to continue receiving security benefits through the alliance. As more countries rely on the United States, the United States’ power grows so much to the point they could feel embolden to engage in actions that can bypass international institutions.

America uses the power gained from the connections to get what they want by bypassing international institutions. In order to bypass international institutions, America can find allies who agree with them to partake in a certain action. For example, when the UN Security Council disagreed with the America's motions with Iraq, America allied with Great Britain, along with the rest of the Coalition of the Willing to invade Iraq. The invasion came through when Russia, Germany and France planned to veto the UN resolution that would make invading Iraq easier. After the invasion, UN Security General Kofi Annan claimed that the invasion was illegal, but he didn’t put out consequences for the invasion itself. Henceforth, the lack of consequences could even encourage America to consider doing similar actions in the future. For instance, America wants North Korea to denuclearize, so they rally countries to approve the sanctions. However, North Korea is still continuing their missile testing, despite suffering the “toughest sanctions” out there. Henceforth, America is considering a military option because based on their experiences, they always seek to get what they want and got it. Russia and China could refuse an invasion and make a resolution that can make attacking North Korea difficult. However, America could find allies that agree with attacking North Korea. As for South Korea, they wouldn’t be part of the Coalition of the Willing because war is not in their interest. At the same time, they would be stuck in a defenseless position that they would have no choice, but to stand by as America attacks North Korea.

America will attack North Korea because they use globalization to increase their power through engaging in the transaction of arms sales between other countries and evading the collective action of the international community. America coordinates arms sales with other countries which makes other countries reliant on America to support their own security. As a result, America's power increased. They could utilize their power to bypass the constraints of international institutions in order to get what they want. Henceforth, America will have the confidence in attacking North Korea based on their status as the most powerful country that is reimbursed by connections made through arms sales and not abiding by the international community.

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